The Day In Review: The Week That Was

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 23, 2008

My thoughts on each game today

In a week in which only three games had a team with under 30 points, here goes nothing:

Jets over Titans

The result was not so shocking to me, but the score was. 34-13, I certainly didn't expect that.  Even though Kerry Collins threw for more yards than Brett Favre, and had no interceptions for the fifth time in six weeks, the Titans lost their first game of the year, and we won't have the NFL's first ever 11-0 vs. 0-11 match-up.  The Jets won this game on the ground, with Leon Washington racking up 82 yards and two scores behind Thomas Jones' 96 yards.  The Titans were held to just 45 rushing yards.

Bears over Rams

Shouldn't have been much surprise here, as Da Bears won 27-3.  The Rams had four different people throw a pass today, and only one had more than 11 yards; Trent Green, who also had four picks.  The Rams also had four different people take a carry, and a whopping zero of them had more than 10 yards.

Pats over Dolphins

I predicted the Pats, but they certainly did turn it around from their first meeting, as the Patriots won this won by 20, 48-28.  As Ronnie Brown was limited to just 47 all-purpose yards this time around, Matt Cassel had his second straight 400+ yard day, and three-plus touchdowns.

Bills over Chiefs

The highest scoring of them all today, in a 54-31 affair.  Trent Edwards killed me by racking up 40 fantasy points for me on my bench (have no fear, I still won), as he threw for 273 yards, rushed for another 38, and saw the end-zone four times.  Some turnaround, and they have the Niners next week.

Vikings over Jags

Once again, the result wasn't overly shocking to me, but like the Jets and Titans, the score surprised me quite a bit.  30-12, despite Garrard's 312 passing yards.  The Jaguars only ran the ball 14 times against the league's second best rush D, and five of those were QB scrambles.   AP continues to stroll, picking up another 80 yards and a score for the men in purple.

Bucs over Lions

I wasn't surprised at all to see the Lions 17-0 first quarter lead already turn into a 21-17 Bucs lead by halftime, and then eventually 35-17.  The Bucs are 8-3, and the Lions are 0-11.  What more did you expect?

Cowboys over 49ers

Yet another game featuring 30+ points from one team, as Romo, Owens, and the Cowgirls won 35-22.  Shaun Hill was impressive was 303 yards, 125 of those going to Isaac Bruce, but Tony Romo simply out played him, with 341 yards , 213 to T.O., one more touchdown, and one less INT. 

Texans over Browns

This was exciting-the score should tell you all about it, 16-6.  Five interceptions and one TD, thanks, but no thanks.

Ravens over Eagles

I've already ranted about this too much, look at my other article McNabb and Eagles Demolished: 2008 Season Lost in Philly.

Raiders over Broncos

I don't get Denver, I just don't.  At 3-0, they give the Chiefs their sole win of the year, and now, at 6-4, in a position to step all over the Chargers, the Broncos lose by 21 to the formerly 2-8 Raiders in yet another 30+ game, 31-10.

Redskins over Seahawks

Thank you Washington.  You guys somewhat proved my article about them being the most overrated team in the NFL, by only beating the pathetic Seahawks 20-17, as the Redskins continue to not have or allow a 30 point game.  With under two minutes to go, Seattle forces a fumble and gets the ball back.  The very next play, Hasselbeck throws a game-ending pick.  That's the Seahawks for you.

Giants over Cardinals

With a late scratch of Brandon Jacobs, the Giants were still able to rack up 87 rush yards over an elite rush D.  Eli Manning had a pretty nice game himself, 26-33, 240 yards, and three touchdowns, not too shabby.  In terms of Arizona, Warner was held to just one touchdown, and until late, Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald were both locked down.

Falcons over Panthers

This was surprising, especially the 45-28 score.  But that's deceiving, the Falcons had a punt return TD, and a 16 yard run on fourth down, set up by an onside kick, both in the last five minutes.  Michael Turner continues to dominate, amassing to 117 yards and four touchdowns.


Colts at Chargers

It's 10-10 right now, just after halftime, and the Chargers are in position to score again.  Haven't been paying much attention to the game thus far, I've been writing this and other articles.


Packers at Saints-Bush is likely to be out, but I've still got the Saints in this one.  Home dome, Monday night, and Brees.  This is also less important for the Packers because at 5-6, they would only be one game out of their division, and could still realistically make the playoffs.