NFL Week 2: 9 Easy Predictions for the Ultimate Betting Parlay

Andre Khatchaturian@AndreKhatchCorrespondent IIISeptember 16, 2011

NFL Week 2: 9 Easy Predictions for the Ultimate Betting Parlay

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    Parlays may be the biggest sucker bets in all of sports betting. Essentially what people do in parlays is pick a group of teams to win or proposition to occur, and all of the teams have to win and propositions need to occur in order for the better to win his money.

    The payoffs in parlays can be astronomical if someone does a parlay of five or more teams. However, they are successful on very sparse occasions. 

    If there's any time to do a parlay in football, it's this week. There are plenty of easy games to bet on. Sure there can be upsets, but this week may be the best chance to win big in a parlay.

    Here is the ultimate nine-team parlay for Week 2. 

Saints over Bears

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    With Brian Urlacher most likely out from this game because of the unexpected death of his mother, the Saints' already potent offense will become even more powerful. 

    The Saints put up 34 points against the Green Bay Packers, and they were half a yard away on two separate occasions to make it at least a 40 point performance. This was against the defending Super Bowl champions on the road.

    The Saints return home to the comforts of the Louisiana Superdome, and they are too strong of a team to start the season off 0-2. Drew Brees will bring his "A" game and make the Bears defense feel uncomfortable. Expect to see an angry Saints team that has had consecutive heart breaking losses dating back to last season. 

Lions over Chiefs

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    The Detroit Lions are on a five game winning streak, and they open their home schedule at Ford Field against Matt Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs, after winning the AFC West last season, fell flat to the Buffalo Bills last year and don't seem to have the same urgency that they did last season. 

    It's important to note that the Chiefs were 4-0 against the NFC last season because they played against the dismal NFC West. The only playoff team they defeated last year was the Seattle Seahawks. That's really not a win to be proud of. 

    While the Chiefs are still realizing that 2011 is not going to be the same as 2010, the Lions are a very hot team and definitely not a team that anybody wants to face. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson are on fire, and they will definitely connect for a few big plays throughout the game, leading the Lions to victory. 

Jets over Jaguars

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    The New York Jets will play host to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who barely pulled off a victory over the atrocious Tennessee Titans last weekend.

    The Jets are better than the Jaguars in almost every facet of the game. They are better coached, have the better quarterback, the stronger front line and quicker secondary. Luke McCown is not going to be able to do what Tony Romo did last week to the Jets defense. It's going to be a long afternoon for him.

    The Jaguars may have Maurice Jones-Drew, but the Jets are at home, and their shutdown defense with Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis will be too much for the lowly Jaguars. 

Ravens over Titans

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    The Tennessee Titans may have an experienced quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck and an explosive receiver in Kenny Britt, but it's important to note that Britt's success last week came against the Jaguars. 

    The Titans are playing one of the best defenses in the league this week. The Ravens are a Super Bowl favorite and looked unbelievable last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, forcing seven turnovers and putting up 35 points against the defending AFC champions. 

    There is no doubt that Joe Flacco will be on top of his game against a poor Titans team and that Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense will make Hasselbeck virtually irrelevant. 

Steelers over Seahawks

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    Back when these two teams met in the Super Bowl in January of 2006, the Seattle Seahawks had one of the best running backs in the game in Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasselbeck in his prime, and a stellar defense that helped them win the NFC.

    Now they have absolutely nothing and are one of the front runners in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. 

    Pittsburgh, on the other hand, reached the Super Bowl last season, and they are one of the Super Bowl favorites again this year despite a blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens last week. Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers turned the ball over seven times last week, and after an embarrassing performance, they'll come out strong and look to dominate the game early.

    The Seahawks are also 5-20 since 2007 in games not played in the Pacific timezone. This game can get ugly fast for them. 

Packers over Panthers

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    As great as Cam Newton was in Arizona, his success came against a pretty weak secondary. This weekend, he'll be playing against the defending Super Bowl champions. The Packers are one of the strongest teams defensively, and they'll make Newton feel uncomfortable. 

    On the other side, Aaron Rodgers is trying to get his name within the likes of Tom Brady. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and last Thursday against the Saints, he threw for 312 yards and three touchdowns in a big 42-34 victory. If the Saints defense didn't stop him, there's no way the Panthers are going to stop him. 

    The Packers will take this one easily. 

Bucs over Vikings

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    The Tampa Bay Bucs, despite losing last week, have a pretty decent team. Josh Freeman is a bright, young quarterback who will be looking to have his way against a Vikings team that just can't seem to find any direction.

    Despite only losing by seven points to the San Diego Chargers on the road last week, they were aided by a kickoff return touchdown against one of the league's worst special teams, had terrible quarterbacking from Donovan McNabb and were also aided by Norv Turner's questionable coaching decisions for the Chargers that kept the Vikings in the game.

    The Bucs also can't afford to go 0-2 in the tough NFC West. They'll be looking to take advantage of a weak Vikings team and get their first "W."

Browns over Colts

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    Who would have thought during the summer that the Browns over the Colts would be a lock?

    Peyton Manning won't be the highlight of this one. It'll be another Peyton. 

    With Peyton Manning out, the Colts are an absolutely dreadful team. They can't move the ball and their defense, which was never really that strong even during their heyday can't stop opposing offenses. The Texans absolutely destroyed the Colts.

    Colt McCoy may have struggled a bit last weekend against the Bengals, but against a leaky defense like the Colts, he'll be able to pad his stats and give the Browns a victory. Also, Peyton Hillis will probably be getting plenty of carries. The Browns know that the Colts can't stop the run, and they'll be looking to pour salt on their wounds.

Cowboys over 49ers

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    What better way to rebound after a tragic loss than to play against one of the worst teams in the NFL?

    Even though Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys blew it against the New York Jets, they still played unbelievably well offensively against the Jets. Romo threw over 300 yards against a tough Jets defense, and if it wasn't for a blocked punt, they probably would've secured the win.

    The Cowboys don't want to lose two early games like they did last year and fall into a downward spiral. They know how important this game is, and Jason Garrett will prepare them well. 

    Finally, Alex Smith is one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the league. The Cowboys weak secondary won't be tested, and America's Team should be able to run away with this one. 


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    The payoff for this parlay is significant. Remember, these are all straight money lines. They aren't point spreads.

    If a person puts $10 on this bet on a betting website, the payoff would be $246.21. Not a bad day of work!