Ravens-Eagles: Donovan McNabb and Co. Demolished in Philly

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 23, 2008

That was an atrocious, and I mean atrocious, showing from The City of Brotherly Love.  Donovan McNabb completed under 50 percent of his passes for the third week in a row, and threw for only 59 yards, two interceptions, and one lost fumble.  It was so bad that the team with the fifth best passing attack took him out at half time.

Kevin Kolb was better, but not by much at all.  Kolb threw just 10 completed passes, and that was also under 50 percent.  Kolb, like McNabb, also hurled two interceptions, but was sacked two fewer times and had 73 yards, 14 more than McNabb.

So, in total, the Eagles quarterbacks had 132 passing yards and four interceptions (five turnovers in total) and were sacked twice.

But the Eagles' misery doesn't end there.  Former pro-bowler Brian Westbrook had just 39 yards on the ground and averaged under three a carry.  His two receptions didn't add anything, either; they subtracted. Westbrook had two catches from -5 yards. 

This all happened in a game against the Ravens. This team is led by a rookie QB, has three running backs splitting carries, and just got blown out 30-10 last week.

As the Eagles gave up their second highest total of the year, losing 36-7, they also gave up their season.  For the second straight year, the Eagles sit at .500 and at last place in their division, which very well could be sending three teams to the playoffs.

The No. 6 seed this year is the Redskins, who sit at 7-4.  In order for the Eagles to replace them, they would have to pass the Falcons (7-4), Cowboys (7-4), Vikings (6-5), and Packers (5-5).

The Eagles' schedule provides no help whatsoever. Of their last five games, three will be against current playoff teams, and four will be against teams over .500:

Arizona (7-4)

at NYG (10-1)

Cleveland (4-7)

at Washington (7-4)

Dallas (7-4)

Good luck, Philly. You're going to need it.