College Football's 5 Best Unbreakable Records and the Schools That Hold Them

Patrick Ferlise@@PatrickFerliseCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2012

College Football's 5 Best Unbreakable Records and the Schools That Hold Them

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    Records and statistics have always been a significant part of college football, as well as the universities that hold them. With competitiveness at an all-time high, 63 teams unwaveringly race to the top to achieve glory every season for the chance to be in the spotlight. Only a select few will reach the highest merits the NCAA has to offer.

    And with the hard work and dedication of so many programs, football has become a historic sport with noteworthy records and feats which sports fan did not think were ever possible. But with the playing field changing on a constant basis, spectacular achievements have been made and continue to become more and more attainable.

    College football is progressing, and so are the unbelievable records that the powerhouse programs hold.

No. 5: Florida State University (Most Consecutive Winning Seasons)

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    The Florida State University Seminoles thrive in a state that holds one of the largest intra-conference rivalries in the country. Their ability to steadily hold their own in the ACC has led them to own one of hidden records in college football—the most winning seasons of any team in the NCAA.

    But this is not just a record kept in a book; it is far more significant than that. Although Florida State holds the record with 34 consecutive seasons without the big "L" for the year, it is still to this day carrying on and is still very much an active statistic.

    The 'Noles began their streak in 1977 and carried down through the years of the legendary head coach Bobby Bowden. FSU may not have won the most national championships or had more flashy games than any other team, but the garnet and gold never failed to have an unproductive season.

    Although Penn State University boasts 49 consecutive winning seasons, the record is still not active to this day. In 1988 their run came abruptly to an end, leaving a new contender to hold the prized title.


    Honorable Mentions

    2) University of Florida Gators

    3) Virginia Tech Hokies

    4) University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles

No. 4: University of Alabama (Most Bowl Appearances)

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    With 58 bowl appearances to date, the Alabama Crimson Tide climb to No. 4 on the list. The most recent of these was their 14th National Championship victory, also giving them the record for most championships won by any collegiate team. But what made the Tide so special?

    A long legacy of extraordinary athletes and strategic recruiting kept the historic team in the limelight for over a century. From Paul "Bear" Bryant's poise to Nick Saban's grit, they have been a major contender in college football and a household name from generation to generation.

    The first bowl game ever played by the Crimson Tide was the historic Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 1925 against the University of Washington Huskies. Alabama won a nail-biting game by a score of 20-19, in which all of their points were scored in the third quarter, awarding them their first National Championship title. 

No. 3: University of Michigan (Most Games Won)

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    In Ann Arbor, Michigan a team formed in 1879 reached greatness with the highest percentage of wins in college football history. The University of Michigan Wolverines have striven to achieve one of the most sought after records in all of the NCAA, with a record of 895–310–36 (.736). Led by newly appointed head coach Brady Hoke, the program is now seeing new light since the firing of former coach Rich Rodriguez.

    But the Wolverines are not just stellar as the winning-est team, the university also sports 11 National Championship titles, tying them in second place with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It is without a doubt that Michigan's fans are proud of their program and value the university, which makes their fanbase strong and quite common all across America. Then again, who wouldn't support consistent success?

No. 2: Ohio State University (Most Heisman Trophy Winners)

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    With consistently productive seasons year in and year out, Ohio State University comes in at No. 2 with the most individual top players since the Heisman Trophy was created in 1935. It is considered one of the highest honors in college football and has remained a merit that every player strives to achieve. 

    In 1944, quarterback Les Horvath was the first Buckeye to win the Heisman and set the tone for six more trophies to represent the university. The great Archie Griffin was one of the most talented to running backs to reach stardom for Ohio State, and is still the only player to ever win the award two consecutive times.

    Surprisingly, none of the seven players who have received it went first round in the NFL Draft, but did achieve and strive at the professional level. The most recent of these winners was quarterback Troy Smith in 2006.

    With Urban Meyer at the helm for the upcoming 2012 season, who knows what else could possible be accomplished.

No. 1: University of Alabama (Most National Championship Titles)

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    What's the greatest prize of all? You guessed it- the BCS National Championship. Roaring in at No. 1, the Alabama Crimson Tide is nothing to be scoffed at when it comes to records. The notoriously fierce SEC team holds a total of 14 National Championships and has its eyes on yet another successful season in 2012.

    With former Louisiana State University Head Coach Nick Saban at the helm since 2007, the Tide has an astonishing record of 44-11. Saban is also the only NCAA coach to hold BCS National Championship titles at two universities (LSU and Alabama).

    Alabama won its 14th title last year by defeating the Tigers which he previously coached, propelling them to a spot atop the record. Closely behind UA are the Universities of Michigan and Notre Dame with 11 National Championship wins.

    Bama has made its mark in the SEC's dynasty of the BCS National Championship along in the ranks with LSU, Auburn and Florida. The SEC has won the title consistantly since 2007. With so many powerhouses who desire to lift up the Coaches Trophy proudly, it is a wonder any team has accounted for double-digit wins.