The 10 Most Entertaining Names in Sports

Jonny SAnalyst INovember 23, 2008


There are some interesting names littered all over the sports world so I thought I would do some research and pick the 10 most entertaining names in sports.

Agree to disagree, but the 10 names below always make me laugh. Feel free to chime in with your input!

No. 10  Randy Johnson AKA "The Big Unit" (MLB Pitcher)-

How can you not laugh at a guys name that is also the name of a male body part. Johnson is a popular name, true, but is it really a coincidence that he is 6"10 and his nickname is also "The Big Unit?" He is also a former USC Trojan. I wonder if they called him "The Big Trojan" in college, or why not just call him "Trojan Maxum?"


No. 9 Chris Smelley (South Carolina Quarterback)

I literally laugh every time the announcers say his name. "Smelley drops back to pass." I almost feel like I am listening to a bully criticize him every time they say his name. Spurrier should have known that when he recruited a guy named Smelley he was going to stink.

No. 8   Johnny Dickshot (Former MLB player)

Poor family... poor kid... great for laughs though! 


No. 7  Golden Johnson (Welter-weight Boxer)

If this name doesn't bring a grin to your face I don't know what will. His parents either were proud of their baby boy or just felt like laughing every time they read or heard about their son. Any color or flavor was going to doom this kid forever, but i guess Golden Johnson is better than Rusty Johnson right?


No. 6  Gaylord Perry (Former MLB Pitcher)

Why not Homolord Perry? I always thought this was a nickname, when I found out it wasn't, I was amused by it even more! He was a great MLB player, but I think his name is even better! The only way his name could be worse is if it was "Gaylord Focker." Too bad, that would be number one.


No. 5 Jack Glasscock (Former MLB player)

He is one middle name of "Off" from being a hall of famer based on his name alone! 


No. 4  Dick Trickle (Race car driver)

Come on! Those parents are just evil, pure evil! Couldn't you come up with something less humiliating for your son? Why not Thomas? Why not Steven? Congratulations Mr. and Mrs.Trickle, you have officially made your son the butt of every name joke in the world! 


No. 3 Harry Colon (Former NFL player)

One moment please, I need a second... (HAHAHAHA). OK, I am back now sorry. Once again, what were the parents thinking? Why not Johnathan, Timothy, basically anything but Harry! Imagine his teachers in high school when they had to do attendance... "Harry Colon, Colon, Harry?" How many of those teachers said that with a straight face?


No. 2  Rusty Kuntz (Former MLB player)

The only thing funnier would be if number three above switched with Rusty here... those would be ultimate combinations! I really am starting to think some parents do this for a good kick.


And the No. 1 Most Entertaining Name in sports goes to:

Luscious Pusey (College football Player)

I don't think I need to say anything at all here. I will just let you all laugh for a few seconds and then Google his name. It is real, trust me.

Honorable Mentions: De'cody Fagg, Dean Windass, Nicky Butt, Dick Pole, Ron Tugnutt, Homer Bush, and Pete LaCock


Hope you all enjoyed it! We all need a good laugh at least once a day. Hopefully I provided you with a couple!