Jets Down Titans To Become Superbowl Contenders

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Believe it or not, the Jets are the best team in the AFC. After beating the previously undefeated Tennessee Titans by a score of 34-13, the Jets are finally being classified as one of the best teams in the NFL.

All NFL fans know that the Jets have been associated with failure and a history of bad drafts throughout their existence. But what no fan of the NFL can avoid any longer is the presence of the Jets as a Super Bowl contender.

After a series of big free agent signings and a big trade with Carolina, the Jets were considered a playoff contender at best.

But then, a new man showed up in Hempstead by the name of Brett Favre. I personally covered the signing and attended several practices after the signing of Favre. For the first time in their lives, Jet fans saw their team get national exposure for something other than failure.

When the Jets took the field today in Nashville, Tennessee, they had an opportunity to show the league what they can do against the top teams in the league. After a big win in Foxboro over the Patriots it seemed like the Jets were at their peak, but today's game showed us how good the Jets really are.

The Titans came into the game undefeated, but from the first minutes of the game, the Jets took control. The Jets stopped the Titans on their first drive and quickly drove down the field against one of the game's most prolific defenses. The Titans defense, led by Albert Haynesworth, took a hit in the first quarter and everything went uphill from there for the Jets.

The Titans were hampered by severe penalties throughout the game. The Titans committed eight penalties amounting to 60-yards, something a team cannot do against a strong Jets team.

The key to the game for the Jets was Leon Washington. Washington revealed his home run ability in week 11 against the Patriots, but today he took his game to a different level. Washington scored two touchdowns and rushed for 82 yards on eight carries for the Jets. Washington was able to run the ball effectively against a tough rushing defense for Tennessee, something many did not foresee.

On the other side of the ball, the Titans were held to a mere 45 rushing yards. Rookie RB Chris Johnson rushed for 46 yards in the loss. Touchdown machine LenDale White only got the ball once, in a carry that went for negative yardage.

The big key on defense for the Jets was Kris Jenkins, the difference maker in the 2008 Jets. Jenkins was acquired in a trade with the Panthers this past offseason and has proven to be one of the best DT's in the business. Jenkins clogged the run today and helped the Jets stop one of the NFL's best rushing attacks.

The Jets showed the league their true ability today and have made themselves Super Bowl contenders by beating the best team in the NFL.