The "Remember Me?" NBA Team

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst INovember 23, 2008

Ever have those moments where you see a players name and go, "Wow, he fell off the face of the Earth" or "Oh yeah, I remember him?" Well, we made a list of 10 current NBA players that may make you say one of those things.

Marquis Daniels, Indiana Pacers

Remember him? Daniels was one of the main pieces of the Dallas Mavericks glory a few seasons ago. In Dallas he averaged near 10 PPG in three seasons and started with Dirk Nowitski, Devin Harris and Josh Howard when the Mavericks were in the final few teams every season. Marquis is now with the Indiana Pacers where he has been down in productivity until this season, where so far he is averaging 16.3 PPG.
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Jianlin Yi, New Jersey Nets

Remember him? The most wanted Chinese player since Yao Ming. He signed with the Milwaukee Bucks for some reason and had a down season. As a starter he averaged 8.6 PPG and 5.2 RPG, those numbers led to a trade in the offseason to the New Jersey Nets. So far this season his averages are up, 10.9 PPG and 6.8 RPG. I'll give Yi a bit of a break, he hasn't seen much of a basketball team yet, maybe until he gets to a top tier team we won't see his full potential.
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Ronald Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Remember him? Ronald "Flip" Murray had a single great season in Seattle and everybody was wondering who he was and where he came from. Well since that season where he averaged 12.4 PPG he has a had one other good season before his last few. In Cleveland in 2005, Flip averaged 13.6 PPG, while shooting over 30 percent from behind the three point. His last two seasons in Indiana and now Atlanta have been two of his better seasons, averaging 11 and 10.8 PPG.
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Adam Morrison, Charlotte Bobcats

Remember him? Yeah, he was that guy from Gonzaga who got drafted very high by the Bobcats. Oh yeah, he was also the guy who looked like he hadn't got a haircut or shaved in two years. Well, in his three seasons in Charlotte he has played 90 games, while averaging only 11.2 PPG and shooting nearly 70 percent from the free throw line. A "must have" player has done nothing good for the Bobcats thus far and could possibly be blamed for some of their struggles along with Sean May (heck, he should be on this list too).
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Channing Frye, Portland Trail Blazers

Remember him? Channing had a great rookie season where he put  up 12.3 PPG and 5.8 RPG in New York. Since then it has been a different story. After a few seasons of mishap in New York he was dealt to the Trail Blazers where he is now. He is a measly bench warmer in Portland behind Greg Oden, Joel Przybilla and LaMarcus Aldridge. This season his production is a bit up from previous seasons, he is averaging 9.1 PPG and 5.1 RPG this season, while Greg Oden has been out early.
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Chris Andersen, Denver Nuggets

Remember him? This 6-10, seemingly crazy, bug man was in a Dunk Contest a few seasons ago, which was his only spotlight. A seven year veteran whose best season was in 2004 when he averaged 7.7 PPG and 6.1 RPG. Andersen started his career with Denver, then was moved to New Orleans and is now back with the Nuggets, sitting the bench like old times. But, he is unique. He is the only player in the NBA who looks like he is a Punk Rock/Emo band leader with he long and sometime spiked hair and multiple tattoos.
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Ricky Davis, Los Angeles Clippers

Remember him? Davis was a regular at Dunk Contests years ago. A ten year veteran has played with six teams over a up and down career. He wasn't anything special his first two seasons in Charlotte and Miami, but he found a home in Cleveland the next three seasons. With the Cavs he averaged about 11.7, 20.6 and 15.3 PPG. He was then sent to Boston to make a dynamic duo with Paul Pierce which never panned out. Since then he has spent two seasons in Minnesota, being their everything, a season with Dwayne Wade in Miami and is now in Los Angeles. No not the Lakers, the Clippers, where he is averaging a measly 4.3 PPG.
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Sheldon Williams, Sacramento Kings

Remember him? Williams came out of Duke sitting pretty and was suppose to turn the Hawks franchise around along with Josh Smith. Well, that didn't happen at all. He averaged a mere 5.5 and 3 PPG in two seasons with the Hawks before being traded to Sacramento. Last season with the Kings, Sheldon didn't play much. He made an appearance in 28 of the teams 82 games, but did average 5.2 points a game. Again, just like Jianlian, maybe until he gets to play with good players will we see his real game.
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Devean George, Dallas Mavericks

Remember him? You might know him from being the guy who blocked the Jason Kidd trade last season or maybe you know him from being the starter that nobody remembered with Shaq and Kobe and the Lakers. George, a nine year vet, has never averaged more then 7.4 PPG in a season and hasn't even averaged 6.5 the last four seasons although he has started here and there for the Mavs. Devean does have some outside game though, a career average of 34 percent from beyond the arc has kept him a vital part of the Mavericks game plan.
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T.J. Ford, Indiana Pacers

Remember him? He was that highly touted prospect from Texas, that was drafted Milwaukee and has had consecutive seasons of disappointment. Ford has had multiple serious injuries in his six years in the league, so I let him off the hook a bit. After playing in Milwaukee for two seasons he was shipped north of the border to Toronto to team up with Chris Bosh. He had two of his best seasons in Toronto, in those two seasons he averaged 13 PPG and about 7 APG.
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There you have it. Any players that should have made the list? Or any of these guys that shouldn't have made it? Leave a comment.