Robby Gordon's Bad Luck in Baja: Vacation Becomes a Nightmare

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Robby Gordon left Homestead with a sigh of relief.

He finished the Ford 400 in 26th position. That gave him enough to finish the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season 34th in Owner Points, locking him into the field for the first five races next year.

But, his racing wasn't over just yet. He was going to get away from NASCAR for now, and do something he enjoyed. He was off to enter his No. 77 Monster Energy Trophy Truck in the Baja 1000.

Every year he looks forward to this race. After all, he has won it three times before, and he was third in his class last year.

Robby had tested on this year's track twice, and felt it played right into his team's strengths. Saying the course was "very technical, very rough, and very fast," he felt confident this year would be his fourth victory in this race.

It didn't take long for his hardships in NASCAR to find him in Mexico.

After taking the start, it only took him until mile eight to find trouble, where he would roll his truck over. He would get back on all four wheels to try to make up some time, but would than get stuck in the mud.

Matt Drever went into the mud at the same time, but was five miles ahead when Gordon got out. He would continue on, just trying to get a finish in the race, only to suffer a blown engine. His day was over.

Of the 26 trucks in his class, Robby was one of eleven not to finish the course.