Browns-Texans: The Nail in Cleveland's Coffin

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Not even the great Phil Dawson could save the day for the embarrassing Browns on Sunday at home against the 3-7 Houston Texans.

Brady Quinn, who was playing with a fractured finger, threw two interceptions, one of them in the red zone. Jamal Lewis and Josh Cribbs both had fumbles, and Dawson went 2-3 kicking, missing a 39-yarder wide left.

The game went much like the Browns' season with incomplete passes, dropped balls, and inconsistency from the entire team. 

After Quinn threw his second interception of the game Anderson was called upon to take over for the struggling rookie.  He stepped in and in his first series Cribbs fumbled the ball.  That one was not Anderson's fault. 

Anderson then had another decent drive for Cleveland, which ended with Dawson missing a 39-yard field goal, a chip shot, wide left. He fumbled the ball on their next possession, and on the possession after that he threw an interception.

The Texans had two fumbles, both of which were recovered guessed it, the Texans.  And Cleveland did have one interception, but it came right before Quinn threw his first, so it gave the ball right back to the Texans.

In case you lost count, the Browns had a total of five turnovers in this game.  I do not know which is worse: losing another game at home, or losing a game at home to a team that hasn’t won on the road since they beat the Oakland Raiders in 2007.

Really?  Five turnovers to the Houston Texans?  That is sad—very, very sad.

Savage, enough with your cursing rants at fans. How about some at the coaching staff and the players on your team?  Something needs to be done about this bunch of yahoos who cannot seem to put a drive together and score a touchdown.  And worse than the inability to score, how about the inability to prevent other teams from scoring?

Even when it has looked like Cleveland was going to get an easy win and walk away ahead by two or more touchdowns, the Browns have blown the lead and lost games they should have won.

But enough of the should-haves.  This season has been far too full of them.

Fire Romeo, and maybe the rest of the coaching staff.

Fire Savage?  Hey, why not?  The next guy can’t do much worse.

It is about time things got stirred up a little bit in Cleveland.  Something is not going right.