The Struggle For Total Accuracy

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The Struggle For Total Accuracy

There's nothing more important when writing an article than to get the facts straight.  If you don't know something or can't verify something, you probably shouldn't write it.  It's often tempting to assume we have all the information we need to write about a chosen topic but even then it's easy to overlook something important which can tarnish the article and the writer's credibility. 

Everybody's human.  Even the best sportswriters, news-writers, and columnists in the world slip up from time to time.  The key to good media writing is learning from your mistakes and trying to avoid them in the future. 

There's always going to be someone who is ready to pounce on any mistake, regardless how small, and never let you hear the end of it. 

This is where proofreading and editors are so important in making sure the information being published is as dead straight as possible.  A large part of the country relies on the writers to keep them up-to-date on what's happening in the world and keep them thinking on their toes.  If those writers are consistently wrong, either intentionally or accidentally, we run the risk of losing all sense of truth about world around us.

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