Cleveland Browns Need a House Cleaning

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2016

As a lifelong Brown's fan, I'm accustomed to disappointments but none like the one I'm experiencing as I write this.

I've begged for the firing of Romeo Crennel from week four. He is the worst coach in the NFL. His players are devolving before our eyes.

Each week they have less talent, less desire, less control over their tongue and less desire to play for the Browns. An all-pro quarterback has become a less-than-average backup. An all-pro receiver is completely unable to catch the ball. A talented offensive line coupled with a 1,000 yard rusher is unable to run the ball.

Crennel stuck with Derek Anderson as the season went up in smoke. He watched as his passer-rating was the lowest in the league but insisted on starting him. When he finally could withstand the criticism no more, he started Quinn.

No such loyalty for that young man. Romeo could not wait to bench him. Perhaps he'll say it was the fractured finger that caused him to be pulled, but looking at Brady's face after he was yanked, I won't believe it.

I can no longer watch the team I love without being totally disgusted. A season long rash of penalties and the coach has no ability to stop them. Braylon Edwards drops half the passes thrown to him yet they continue to throw to him in key situations.

Jamal Lewis talks of players "quitting." Winslow is unhappy and wants you to know it. Savage firing "f-bombs" in his e-mail to fans who he should be apologizing to.

This team needs to start over for the umpteenth time. Savage, Crennel, Winslow and Stallworth should be shed whatever the cost. Edwards should be traded if there's a team dumb enough to pay for a stone-handed receiver. Perhaps Braylon will start catching the ball again, but perhaps not. He was never a sure-handed receiver and he seems to have lost his desire to excel.

The defense cannot stop anyone now. No pass-rush at all. The secondary, who I feel has played fairly well, cannot be expected to cover as long as they must. Again, Crennel cannot come up with a blitz package to compensate. He tries to respond with six defensive backs.

I cannot see this team compete until there are many major changes made.