Monday Night Magic or Monday Night Blues?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst INovember 23, 2008

It was Sunday morning, I eagerly awoke and searched my mind for Saints' opponent of the week, then I remembered that they were going to play the Packers in the Dome on Monday Night Football.

It made me kind of frustrated because of having to wait so long for the game and all of that but being back in the Superdome will be worth it.

The Saints haven't played in nearly a month, one of the reasons being the Saints' "home game" in London, England. Sure, the Brits showed up and supported us, being loud when the Chargers were up and cheering whenever Lance Moore and some other Saint went into the end zone but it just wasn't the same as when the fans blow the roof off of the Dome when the Saints come running out of the tunnel.

Seriously, some fans have suffered hearing damage during Saints' games.

But it all comes down to this. The Saints need this win if they want to stay in playoff contention but 2 out of 3 their recent Monday night games have resulted in losses. Since the magical season of 2006, the Saints have played two Monday night games per season. In 2007, they played the Titans and Falcons, they lost to the Titans (and lost Duece McAllister for the rest of the year) and beat the Falcons.

Earlier this year, when the Saints played the Vikings in a Monday night game, Reggie Bush took two punts back for TD's and nearly took another one back but the Saints still lost the game on a missed field goal by then-kicker Martin Gramatica.

That is inexcusable.

But you and me both are sick and tired of hearing about the Saints' shortcomings and we want to see some wins.

They control their own destiny but that is still sort of a scary thought. If the Saints were to win this game, then it would be their first two win series this season and if the Saints don't let Aaron Rodgers go crazy on their impoverished secondary then the Black and Gold should be able to win this contest.

At least we won't have all of the Brett Favre fans flocking to the game to cheer on the Kiln, Mississippi (about 90 miles from New Orleans) native, I would rather have Aaron Rodgers throwing the football for the Packers than Brett Favre any day, especially with our defensive situation.

Is It Monday Yet?