Late Reaction

Ian WalshContributor INovember 23, 2008

your all missing the point.
   Vettel had out driven Lewis and Lewis (in the much stronger car) had not done what a so called champion should have done, PASS VETTEL. four laps count em' four, thats at lest Three attemps (go to the tape) after the straight on turn one that Mr. Hamilton did not race like a man that absolutely need to get ahead no-matter what. He was beaten fair and square, forget that Clock let him by (thats Clocks decision, just like Kimi did for Massa, and Hiki did for Lewis, it's driver preference free will).

 The point is Just like last year this so called Champion broke under the presser when it mattered the most. He tried to settle for the bare minimum, when that didn't work a good Friend was there to help

That's What Really happed like ti or not. HE DID NOT EARN IT!

But we will tip our hat to Lewis Hamilton for one race dose not make champion he got there because of a HARD fought season, to Deni this is to discrete all who raced with and against him.
  Lewis knows how lucky he is and Massa knows how in no way could he have raced a better race,
"I know how to win and I know how to lose." (said to the media after the race by Massa)

Lets leave it on the track gentlemen