A Big Thank You to Cameron Dantley and the Syracuse Orangemen

Bleacher ReportAnalyst INovember 23, 2008

The talk the last couple weeks coming out of those that run the Gator Bowl has been tough to stomach. All we have heard was how excited and delighted the Gator Bowl and the Gator Bowl Association would be to host Notre Dame and its fans.

Even knowing that Notre Dame would likely come into the game with five losses didn't hinder the excitement of Gator Bowl officials. It was perfectly conceivable to look at Notre Dame's two remaining games and pencil in a win over Syracuse and a beat down by USC.

But, still Gator Bowl officials seemed all too happy to accept Notre Dame, its deep pocket fanbase, and all the TV revenue that comes with having Notre Dame in your bowl game.

Well, not so fast my friends!

Thanks to Greg Robinson, Cameron Dantley, and the Syracuse Orangemen, we won't be bothered with the ignominious experience of seeing a team compete in a New Year's day game that has no right to be there.

I don't care about Notre Dame's fan following or the TV exposure for the Gator Bowl. I don't care about any of that.

And I certainly could care less considering this five loss, soon to be six loss, Notre Dame team has played the 91st toughest schedule in the country!

I am a college football purist, and no team with five losses, I don't care who, or what their history, should be within sneezing distance of a Jan. 1 bowl game.

Allowing this not only cheats more deserving teams and players out of a quality bowl experience but also minimizes the TV viewing experience for all college football fans in general.

Good riddance to Notre Dame!