Virginia Tech Survives Scare Against Duke

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

The Hokies came into Saturday's game heavily favored, looking to move closer to an ACC Championship appearance.  Georgia Tech beat Miami on Thursday night, which means the Hokies once again control their own destiny.  I was expecting more than one touchdown out of the offense.

Duke is not the Duke of old, this I know, but they're not even close to having the football program or the talent Virginia Tech does.  Not that this matters when the games are played, just look at Appalachin State and Stanford last year, but the offense was absolutely embarrassing on Saturday night.

On the first seven offensive drives of the game for Virginia Tech they had five turnovers, one quarterback change and a three point deficit.  If they were playing any other team in the ACC, or a healthy Duke offense that was missing Thaddeus Lewis and Clifford Harris, Tech would have been down by at least two scores, probably three.

Tyrod Taylor should not step onto the football field for the rest of this season, unless Sean Glennon gets injured.  Taylor has had a horrible season through the air, and the coaching staff should have left the redshirt on him.

Taylor was responsible for three of the five turnovers, and had 15 yards passing with 39 yards rushing in the time he saw on the field.  If Virginia Tech wants to get to the ACC Championship, and possibly win it, then Sean Glennon should be the quarterback.

Glennon has been dealt an unfair hand in his time at Virginia Tech.  It seems the fans never gave him a chance, because he isn't the quarterback we're used to seeing.  He's not a flashy runner, so he shouldn't be playing quarterback at Virginia Tech? Joke.

Darren Evans had a decent game against the Blue Devils, rushing for 111 yards on 24 carries, but Greg Boone was the most valuable player for the Hokie offense last night.  Boone had 33 yards receiving and 25 rushing yards out of the "Wild Turkey" offense, and helped progress the ball on offense.

Virginia Tech also had a wide receiver catch a touchdown pass for the first time this season.  Glennon finished with 132 yards passing with one touchdown, and one interception.

The defense had a phenomenal performance.  Four of the first seven offensive drives for Duke started in Virginia Tech territory, thanks to the Hokies offense, and the defense allowed only three points. 

Zack Asack had a pretty good day on the ground for the Blue Devils, rushing for 87 yards, but could not move the ball through the air.  Of the nine passes attempted by Asack four of them were intercepted; two by Victor "Macho" Harris and two by Stephan Virgil.  One of the interceptions late in the fourth quarter with 1:32 remaining was returned for a touchdown by Harris to put the game out of reach.

Asack finished his night with two completions out of nine for 20 yards, and four interceptions.  If Thaddeus Lewis had been playing in this one the outcome could have been very different for these two teams.

Virginia Tech was very lucky in this game to come out on top after five turnovers in the first seven drives, but they will have to play better next week if they want to beat Virginia for an appearnce in the ACC Championship, for the second year in a row.