Terrell Owens or Greg Camarillo: Which Would You Rather Have on Your Team?

Aaron BrenkerCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

The Dolphins have lacked a play-making receiver for quite a while. Miami is trying to develop young receivers into stars. It seems that Ted Ginn Jr. and Davone Bess are playing good, but Greg Camarillo seems to be pulling away as the No. 1 option.

While Camarillo is blossoming, Terrell Owens is faltering. Owens is a play-making receiver, with loads of talent, but sometimes his mouth eclipses his talents.

The Cowboys are seeing first hand that when T.O. doesn't get the ball he's not going to play his heart out. Owens has also in the past set the 49ers and Eagles franchises back a few years, due to his cancerous attitude in the locker room, but here is my question. Which receiver would you rather have on Miami? Greg Camarillo or Terrell Owens?

The two receivers are about as different as it gets, but both play similar styles on the field.

Camarillo is having a solid season with the Miami Dolphins, and is on pace for 80+ receptions. He will also forever be remembered in Dolphins history, for saving Miami from an imperfect season. Camarillo is a young receiver who has not even reached his prime yet, giving him quite a while to further improve his game.

Owens is having a mediocre season by his standards, and his frustrations are beginning to show. He has claimed that the offense moves when the ball is in his hands, but when Dallas tries to get him more balls Owens keeps dropping them. Owens is not a young stud anymore, and is beginning to become another over the hill, disgruntled  wide-receiver.

So, who would you guys rather have on Miami. The hard working, young, improving receiver in Camarillo, or a flashy, old, prima donna receiver in Owens.

Call me crazy, but I would rather have the constantly improving Camarillo on the Dolphins.