2011 Fantasy Jackpot Week 2: Cedric Benson Be Bigger & Badder Than These Backs

Papa SmurfContributor ISeptember 14, 2011

Even though we beat the Browns, Hillis still signed my football. Sweet!
Even though we beat the Browns, Hillis still signed my football. Sweet!Jason Miller/Getty Images


When Mr. Primetime Superstar Bling-Bling Cedric Benson served his time in Travis County Jail, his new buddies called him spoiled meat. Get it? Cause he’s new to jail, rich and……..and anyway, he really did leave as fresh meat because he put a walloping on the Browns in Week 1. Just a hunch, but I have a feeling Ceddy has a new perspective on his contract and his position in life as a running back in the National Football League, and it’ll show in Week 2 just like it did in Week 1. Week 2 should be no exception for Benson, who can run over a debilitated Broncos defense that’s worse than the Browns' defense on which he posted 120 yards and a TD. My predictions for Cedric are:

22 carries for 85-110 yds     3 rec 15 yds      and a possible TD (Spades anyone?)

Start Benson over these RBs

Knowshon Moreno – He had 8 rushes for 22 yards Week 1 and an injury. Jacoby Ford had 3 receptions for 22 yards and an injury. Call it an omen, but I wouldn’t play either Week 2.

Reggie Bush – He’s not a bad option in PPR, but I still like Benson better. Houston’s run defense is no joke, especially with Wade Phillips in the mix.

Deangelo Williams – If Deangelo can’t make a splash in Arizona, do you really think he’ll get his wind against a Super Bowl defense?

Danny Woodhead – 14 carries are a career high and he averaged 4.9 ypc?  The most hated coach in fantasy is lurking somewhere in New England. Yep, Woodhead has “The Curse Of Todd Haley”.

The Bet

If I’m wrong about Cedric Benson outscoring these RBs, then I’ll attend the next local NRA meeting wearing a hat with deer antlers and a rainbow t-shirt with an oversized Obama button. This could very well be my last article. Of course if I’m right, then you better make sure your rainbow t-shirt is Kevlar reinforced.


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