CM Punk And The Case Of His Disappearing Push

adam smereckiCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

Oh where?...Oh where? has CM Punk's push gone?

I'll tell ya where, it's buried somewhere in the over populated RAW roster.

CM Punk's push started and ended the day he appeared on RAW to cash in his "Money in the Bank" contract. His win over Edge (though creative) did not help bill Punk as a worthy champion.

The WWE obviously felt the same way or they wouldn't have pointed that fact out every time JBL cut a promo on him. WWE creative failed to put Punk over as a inspirational story and just gave up on the angle.

The simple fact that Punk lost his title due to a backstage attack from Randy Orton is just (for the lack of a better term) bad booking. CM Punk has had chances to gain revenge on Orton and has not gone over in any instance.

In the mean time Punk has been awarded the Tag Team Titles with Kofi Kingston. Need I say more? Ok, the Tag Titles on RAW lack a push as a division in general, let alone back a new push for a former World Champion. Though Kingston and Punk do make an interesting duo, the Tag Titles seem like a consolation prize for Punk.

I propose a CM Punk move to Smackdown and a feud with Jeff Hardy. A Punk/Hardy storyline especially for the World Title would be a fresh and bold booking. Hey it works on Raw vs. Smackdown 2009!