NBA Offseason: Latest News and Updates on Lockout, Overseas Movement and More

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NBA Offseason: Latest News and Updates on Lockout, Overseas Movement and More

The NBA offseason has been anything but usual with the lockout in full effect.

We have already seen a number of players sign abroad, and while some have deals that conclude when the lockout lifts, others have already made the decision to spend an entire season with an international team.

After Deron Williams made the first sizable splash of the summer when reports leaked of his signing with Besiktas in Turkey, more players have decided to delve into the action and have agreed to play in a variety of locations around the globe.

NBPA Vice President Mo Evans offered the following sentiment following a disheartening meeting that took place between players and owners on September 13. "As time goes by, guys are definitely going to defect," he said.

There's no doubt that some will be looking for work, but not all players will be in search of a basketball career that extends outside the borders of the United States. It's simply too risky for some athletes.

With both sides looking unable to find a middle ground heretofore, it's going to be interesting to see the type of contracts that players looking for work will be in search of with different clubs around the world.

We've learned that basketball never stops in a summer that has been filled with exhibitions, charity games and Pro-Am's, but those won't bring in the money for players looking for a source of income.

There's no chance at current NBA players amassing the same amount of wealth through international play that they would normally in the league, so it's going to be critical for players to adjust their lifestyle in an effort to acclimate to an uncertain landscape.

Make sure to bookmark this thread and keep checking back for all of the updates from an offseason that will be sure to bring about some surprising news.

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