Utah-BYU: What Happened to Max Hall?

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

The BYU Cougars got embarrassed by the Utah Utes. Though the score shows that Utah was amazingly better than BYU, this is not the case. I'm not saying BYU is better than Utah, I don't think they are. Just that Utah wasn't completely dominant.

Max Hall turned the ball over six times, including five in the fourth quarter. BYU was in position to take the lead, it was 24-27, but then Max Hall threw a pick.

Then the next drive he fumbled. Then the next drive he threw another pick, and another on the last drive. Five drives in a row he turned the ball over.

So what went wrong with Max Hall? Well, the incompetent play began after he was called for a personal foul play near the half, this was just before his first interception took place. After that, he seemed too upset to think.

Hall lost his composure and couldn't focus on the game. Kind of like when a baseball pitcher gets mad and walks or hits everyone because he can't focus.

This worries me for Hall's career sake, if he continues to let his temper get to him, it could ruin his potential NFL career, his senior year at BYU, or even whichever bowl they go to.

A player, especially a key player like a QB or an offensive lineman, cannot lose his composure, it brings down the entire team. Max Hall lost his composure which certainly hurt BYU, and I expected better of him.