Syracuse-Notre Dame: Biggest Win of Greg Robinson Era is Also the Sweetest

Larry RulisonContributor INovember 22, 2008

Greg Robinson had nothing to lose. The embattled Syracuse football coach, who had never really coached the Orange to a win that inspired hope here in Syracuse, finally did it. He beat the Irish at Notre Dame Stadium 24-23 in stunning fashion.

It was the best win of the Robinson era, and the irony, or perhaps tragedy, is that it comes just six days after he was fired.

It almost made it sweeter, more poetic, because Robinson was a good guy and everyone in central New York wanted him to succeed.

Even the man who had to ultimately can Robinson, Athletic Director Daryl Gross, heaped only praise on the man in terms of character and his devotion to the community. So did basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

It seems everyone loved Robinson. We just couldn't live with the results, and neither could Syracuse.

Without a doubt, this will go down as one of the greatest Syracuse wins in many years, and so it's a fitting goodbye.

The irony is that this win will likely turn up the pressure on Charlie Weis, Notre Dame's coach who has seven years left on a huge contract, estimated to be close to $4 million per year.

If you are a fan of Notre Dame football, you've got to feel a lot worse than a Syracuse fan could ever feel, even though this was just Robinson's seventh win in four years. Heck that's considered a bad year in South Bend, although Weis had struggled to live up to those expectations.

Syracuse fans, savor this sweet victory. This is what we had hoped for, and still wish for Syracuse football to be about.

As for the Fighting Irish fans, they are staring at a $28 million question.