Fantasy Football: The Top 7 Defenses for Week 2

Daniel Stack@@stacdemonContributor IISeptember 14, 2011

Fantasy Football: The Top 7 Defenses for Week 2

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    Looking for a defensive edge?

    In Week 1 of the NFL season, offense was the name of the game, as several good defenses (I’m looking at you Pittsburgh!) just flat out stunk up the joint.

    Will that trend continue?

    Well, here are seven defenses (in no particular order) that you should trust as we enter the second week of the NFL season.

1. Baltimore Ravens

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    To say the Ravens defense looked good last week against the Steelers would be a gross understatement.

    You may have heard the Ravens forced a few turnovers against a flat Steelers team. Seven!

    Yes, the Ravens maliciously attacked Ben Roethlisberger with ease and caused seven turnovers.

    You think they will have trouble with Matt Hasselbeck and the Tennessee Titans? Um, no.

2. Green Bay Packers

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    I know, the Packers D didn’t look all that good in their season opener.

    However, the game against the Saints was destined to be an offensive onslaught.

    With apologies to Cam Newton and the new-look Panthers, the Cardinals (the Panthers' opponent in Week 1) are not the Packers.

    Expect a struggle for Newton on Sunday.

3. Detroit Lions

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    Suh me!

    The Lions—pardon the pun—are roaring once again.

    Led by the man-child Ndamukong Suh, the Lions are just brimming with confidence.

    On Sunday, they will square off against a Chiefs team that were walloped by the Bills and only scored seven points.

    Remember—the Chiefs will go as far as Jamaal Charles can take them, and the Lions already just shut down a competent running back in LeGarette Blount (holding him to 15 yards on five carries).

    Granted, Blount is no Charles, but you get my drift.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    You think the Steelers are embarrassed after losing 35-7 at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens?

    Well, they will surely take out their frustrations against a pathetic Seahawks offense, who will be traveling cross country for a 1:00 ET game.

    This has "emphatic rebound" written all over it.

5. New York Jets

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    Luke McCown is coming to town!

    Yes, that statement was intended to elicit a snicker.

    The Jets without a doubt will dare McCown to beat them.

    You think that’s possible? I don’t even think Luke’s family and friends believe he can.

    The Jets will stack the box and make Maurice Jones-Drew's day a living hell.

6. New York Giants

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    On the surface, what you might see is a banged-up Giants defense. However, consider two things.

    One, the Rams offense is banged up, too. Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola will certainly be out, and Sam Bradford will not be 100 percent.

    Secondly, the Giants were embarrassed on the road against the Redskins last week, and they will want to unleash a lot of pent-up anger on an unsuspecting Rams offense in their home opener.

    Remember the name: Jason Pierre-Paul.

7. Dallas Cowboys

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    While the Cowboys choked on Sunday night, remember that they were going up against a very good Jets squad.

    With Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator, the Cowboys will turn their fortunes around soon enough.

    Sunday might be just the perfect antidote, as the Cowboys will face a very mediocre 49ers offense.