Goalkeeping Gaffes: 6 Rules to Avoid Looking Like an Idiot

David CurryCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2011

Goalkeeping Gaffes: 6 Rules to Avoid Looking Like an Idiot

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    Today I received a video of a mistake made by FC Torpedo Zhodino goalkeeper Artem Gomelko.

    As happens all too often in Goalkeeping Gaffes, Artem tries to be casual and ends up looking very, very silly—not to mention costing his side a goal.

    It's hard not to be sympathetic with goalkeepers: any mistake they make usually costs their team dearly. On occasions, though, they simply don't do themselves any favours.

    Concentrate, do the basics and don't try to be clever. That should be the mantra for all goalkeepers.

    Luckily—for the sake of this article—they often forget to do all three.

    Here are six shocking Goalkeeper Gaffes, including Gomelko's mistake earlier this week, and six lessons all goalkeepers should learn.

Artem Gomelko: Use Both Hands!

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    Here is Artem Gomelko's gaffe from earlier this week.

    One of the BelAz Zhodino players hits a ludicrously speculative effort from inside his own half. Artem could have just picked it up, but instead he decides to show off and collect the ball one-handed.

    Next time he'll use both hands!

You Are Not Messi!

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    I couldn't find much information on this clip from Japan, but I had to include it.

    The goalie tries to dribble, confuses and seemingly dummies himself, completely loses the ball and then has to watch the striker put it in the net.

    Just do the basics and boot it upfield! The very fact that you play in goal suggests you don't have great dribbling skills.

    Try to remember you are not Messi!

Goran Basic: Keep a Hold of the Ball

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    Another classic example of needlessly over-complicating things. During this Karlovac versus Zagreb encounter, all Goran Basic needs to do is take a step backwards and catch the ball. 

    Instead, presumably in an attempt to look more impressive, he decides to jump and catch the ball. While this should still be well within the keeper's comfort zone, he then inexplicably releases the ball on landing and ends up throwing it into his own goal.

    His desperate dive to try and prevent a goal only adds to the comedy value.

    Once you have caught it, keep a hold on the ball!

Khalid Askri: Don't Celebrate Too Soon

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    Khalid Askri displays supreme skill by saving a penalty. Unfortunately, he then wanders off before checking where the ball ends up.

    The moral of the story? Don't celebrate too soon!

Robert Green: Look Behind You!

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    Robert Green is no stranger to goalkeeping gaffes.

    This classic is from his Norwich City days, and while others (notably Shay Given) have made similar mistakes, this is my favourite example of this style of goalkeeping faux pas.

    If you are going to put the ball down before kicking it, look behind you!

Paul Robinson: Take a Touch

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    This was so painful at the time!

    England's Paul Robinson tries to kick a back-pass from Gary Neville upfield. Unfortunately, the ball bobbles, he kicks fresh air and the pass trickles into the empty net. 

    If you are playing on a "bobbly" pitch and there is no pressure on, take a touch!