WWE Night of Champions: My Predictions for the Pay-Per-View

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IISeptember 15, 2011

WWE Night of Champions: My Predictions for the Pay-Per-View

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    The night where every championship is on the line, Night of Champions will be a show of excitement and invigoration. Well, except for Cody Rhodes at the moment. By the way, what happened to the relevancy of the IC title? Did WWE Creative just forget about that to focus on Triple H?

    I digress; Night of Champions has a tough feat to accomplish. That would be to be as successful as the last two pay-per-views.

    SummerSlam and Money in the Bank were both phenomenal in my opinion and Night of Champions needs to be up to par or even higher.

    As of Wednesday night, we have six matches on tap for Sunday's big event: a Fatal 4-Way for the U.S. title that will include Ziggler, Riley, Morrison and Swagger; Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly for the Divas title; John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE championship; Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight title; Air Boom vs. the Awesome Truth for the tag-team titles and CM Punk vs. Triple H.

    Those are the bouts advertised and the key match for Sunday night is Phil Brooks vs. Paul Levesque. Yes, even Bleacher Report breaks the fourth wall every now and then.

    I will get into the stipulations for each match and my predictions on the show, but I want to elaborate on the buildup for each match.

    Usually, each pay-per-view match has some build-up and suspense should have been brought forward  before the big show.

    Only the two title fights and Punk/HHH had proper/decent buildup.

    Point being, I want to see HHH/Punk buildup for each match, not just that lonesome one.

    Enough ranting, let's get to the predictions for Night of Champions 2011!


Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship

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    I'm not too sure how to predict this match. We have a case of Superwomen on our hands.

    Kelly Kelly is in Vince's good graces right now and it seems creative will make her unbeatable. Earlier on in the month, I predicted that Beth and Natalya will be Divas champions and that they will save the women’s division.

    Boy was I wrong. Instead, we get to see K2 prance around the squared circle and hit her version of a Lou Thesz press and steal Rikishi's move on an opponent each match.

    To me, it's sickening that Kelly is the champion. At least give the belt to a credible women’s wrestler. I was pulling for an Eve Torres/Kelly Kelly match, but Beth is fine for now.

    For those who follow Michelle McCool on Twitter, if we spot a Flawless appearance, don't let it shock you. She could pull a, "joke of divas division" card and get back on track.

    In fact, despite of Vince's wishes, here is my thought.

    Prediction: Beth Phoenix will win by pinfall, due to outside interference by Natalya/Michelle McCool.


Air Boom vs. Awesome Truth for the Unified Tag-Team Titles

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    I'm going to display some MMA vernacular. This match, the U.S. championship and the Divas title match are a part of the "Undercard" for Night of Champions.

    To put it simply, it shouldn't be like that and the whole pay-per-view should be exciting and a must-see.  As every IWC member knows, we don't always get what we want. 

    Air Boom has held the WWE tag-team titles for a little under a month. So far, they haven't defended it yet and I believe it won't be a successful defense. 

    Miz and R-Truth have been on entertainment fire as of late, with their wacky promos and catchphrases.  Ninja Please and the sneaky fart references just make the fans laugh. Not to mention, these two did headline pay-per-views before, so the secret is out, they can actually wrestle. 

    Not to take anything away from Air Boom, they are spectacular, but not at the overall presentation of Miz and Truth. On Sunday, we will have new WWE tag-team champions. Until the Kings of Wrestling or the Bricoes get there, get used to the AWEESSSOMMEE TRUUTTHH!

    Prediction: Awesome truth will win this match via pinfall. Expect a somewhat dirty finish.

Fatal 4-Way for the U.S. Title

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    I'm sorry if I come off as cynical, but this match is for those who have no direction of Raw.  Alex Riley and John Morrison have no current feud right now and they have to be in a match at Night of Champions.  

    Teddy Long decided to put them in the U.S. title match and in this case, I'm not sure who the winner will be.  Morrison has been in hot water with WWE management as of late and should make his case for a U.S. championship.  

    Riley comes off as a hot commodity in WWE, but he is still green in the ring. He displayed his TKO finisher this past Monday. I would bet that Creative is pondering his next feud right now.  

    As for Swagger and Ziggler, this feud isn't getting the attention it deserves and I'm not sure where it could go from here. Aside from a guest announcer appearance, Ziggler has yet to display his mic skills.  

    Vickie Guerrero is the only entertainment this feud has at the moment. 

    Prediction: Dolph Ziggler will retain his U.S. championship. If I may be bold, Christian could interfere, which would bring some sort of relevancy back to the once-prestigious title.  

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    The match that has nobody talking, Henry vs. Orton has been under the radar. In every promo, Mark Henry mentions his "Hall of Pain" and the people that are currently in it.  

    He then continues to add that Randy Orton will be added to the hall this Sunday. We will see what Randy Borton has to say about that.  

    Randy has been WWE's No. 2 guy the past three to four months. As a multi-time world champion, Orton has been a wrecking crew.  

    He dominated Christian in their feud, despite losing to him once. Many feel he is the new version of John Cena. I won't agree/disagree, but the ending of his matches seem quite similar.

    Recently, Mark Henry has proven his worth, posing with the World title under Orton's limp body at the conclusion of SmackDown. I must give them credit; they are making Henry seem quite unstoppable.   

    If you are a member of the IWC, you can already be waiting for my prediction, because the result is very bold.

    Prediction: Randy Orton will defeat Mark Henry via pinfall. An RKO off a reversal from the World's Strongest Slam could possibly be the ending. 

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship

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    The co-main event if you will, Cena vs. the Mexican Aristocrat will be for the most prestigious title in the WWE.  

    Cena has shown a more intense side in the past few weeks, because he has a personal vendetta against Alberto.  Apparently, cashing your Money in the Bank briefcase is considered being a wimp, due to the fact that Del Rio isn't a real champion.  

    He has only wrestled one match since becoming the WWE champion. John Cena has also only wrestled one match. This will be Del Rio's second title defense ever. Remember his title defense against Mysterio?

    Let's look at the facts: WWE's Mexican tour is coming up very soon and every IWC member knows that Del Rio will be champion during that tour.  

    Cena is on a two-PPV losing streak and that is a shock, since he is the face of the WWE. This match could go either way and a prediction is based on opinion and pure luck.  

    Prediction:  Alberto Del Rio will retain his WWE championship by submission. A possible interference could occur, by an unknown person. 

CM Punk vs. Triple H, No Disqualification

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    This is the match that has the world buzzing. It isn't CM Punk vs. Triple H anymore; it is now Phil Brooks vs. Paul Levesque.  

    Just because Punk said that, make this match personal. It is man against man.  

    For weeks on end, Punk has been taking cheap and personal shots at HHH and everyone linked to him. Hunter has not been able to physically intervene, but now since his match with Nash was canceled, he will now face CM Punk.  

    After the cliché "No disqualification" stipulation, Punk sweetened the pot a good bit. If Hunter loses on Sunday, he has to resign as COO.  

    Holy shocking stipulation. What would happen to Monday Night Raw if John Laurinaitis was in charge?  I'm pretty sure it would not be a happy place to be. Just his voice alone can turn off the channel, "click, click."

    According to wrestlezone.com, Kevin Nash is being advertised to return at Night of Champions this Sunday. That is another piece of the puzzle as to what the ending result will be in the main event.  

    So many questions are being asked just like; what effect will Nash have in their match? Who will he screw or pull for?  

    CM Punk vs. Triple H is a very well built-up match and their promo this past Monday is a sure sign of great match building. The mic turn-offs added to the suspense that was definitely needed in a pay-per-view main event.  

    Prediction:  I believe CM Punk will defeat HHH, with the interference of Kevin Nash.  Nash will be so infuriated at HHH that he will help Punk get the victory. 


    Well, those are my predictions for this Sunday. If you feel that you agree to disagree, please put your predictions down below. I appreciate any reads and comments I receive. I hope everyone has a great day and take it easy!


    I write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and it's... AWEESOOOMMEEEE!