Hip, Hip, Hooray for Cheerleaders: Ranking the Hottest Squads in the Nation

Justin SparksCorrespondent IIISeptember 14, 2011

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Cheerleaders: Ranking the Hottest Squads in the Nation

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    College basketball sits just around the corner and that means we must do one thing: Find out who has the hottest cheerleaders. With all the timeouts and stoppage time in college basketball, a sexy cheerleading squad is a must for the top schools in the sport.

    Let's make one clarification before we get under way. Cheerleaders, spirit teams and dance squads will all be one in the same for this list.

    That said, let's get this thing going.

25. Michigan State

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    She is cheering her little heart out.

    Tom Izzo's squad isn't the only team worth watching during basketball season. The Michigan State cheerleaders strut their puffs all the way into March.

    Besides, how is any male or respectful female supposed to concentrate with Michigan State's cheerleaders dancing in all spandex?

    Don't worry. That's something we can be grateful for.

24. Wisconsin

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    Hello, ladies.

    For a state known for its beer and cheese, Wisconsin sure has some serious talent, if you know what I mean.

    It's safe to say we could all watch these ladies dance. We can catch the highlights later.

23. Louisville

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    Maybe it's just me, but a good ol' southern belle dressed in jeans and a tank top gets the blood flowing. Who wouldn't mind dancing by a sexy woman wearing a cowboy hat?

    Remind me to buy some popcorn for the halftime show.

22. UNLV

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    Legs. One of the best body parts to ever be invented and shown off.

    UNLV is located in Vegas, and this picture displays some show-stopping pairs of legs.

    ZZ Top put it best: "She's got legs, she knows how to use them...She's got legs, she knows how to use them."

    Yes, yes, she does.

21. Villanova

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    This chick gets it.

    She's so excited for halftime all she can think about is doing a flip. Go right a head, honey. Flip away. You can do whatever you'd like.

    Villanova's cheerleaders have every male's sidekick doing flips themselves.

20. St. John's

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    St. John's had a mini resurgence back into the national spotlight during last season. Apparently that makes its cheerleaders jump for joy and touch their toes.

    No complaints here. Cheerleaders jumping and touching their tippy-toes should be a mandatory routine.

19. Tennessee

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    Again, I admit I am a sucker for southern belles. However, these gorgeous ladies have crossed a line.

    Chest bumping?! How dare they taunt us like that? The one on the left looks like she's enjoying the fun, so I guess we can, too.

    It's okay, blondie, I'll volunteer for the next one.

18. Georgia

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    I don't know if these girls are being naughty or nice, but I'm pretty sure Santa Claus doesn't mind one bit.

    Georgia may not be a powerhouse in college basketball, but holy cow, do they know how to fill out scantily clad outfits?

17. Purdue

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    Purdue is not exactly known for its co-eds. However, this camera angle provides a scintillating view of a pair of beautiful legs.

    I think I can read her mind. She's saying, "Look what I can do!"

16. Kansas State

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    Chicks in the heartland can really shake it. Seriously, who doesn't want to see hot chicks in mini skirts shake their heads side to side?

15. Washington

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    Who knew the Northwest boasted such beautiful blonde hotties? This gorgeous blonde has males all over Seattle howling like a dog.

14. Missouri

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    Missouri is the "Show Me State," and there's something these girls would like to show you. Unfortunately, you will have to sit and admire their figure from afar until after the buzzer.

13. Memphis

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    I don't know when the last time was that chicks sitting Indian style got the blood flowing. This team needs to get back to playing deep into March so those Memphis beauties can be on television.

12. Baylor

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    Ah, this blonde has the right idea. On a bench, in front of a fountain...who wouldn't take up that offer?

    One thing that could be better than southern belles are sexy Texans.

11. Duke

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    Duke competes as one of the perennial powerhouses in college basketball every year, except it falls just outside the top 10 in this list, but that's okay.

    These girls look good in blue and have brains, too. Just imagine a hot cheerleader by night and a neuroscience major by day. Mommas can bring home the bacon and make you sizzle.

10. Syracuse

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    She gets it! Basketball fans around the country wish all their girlfriends dressed up in their favorite team's colors just like this.

    She supports the Syracuse Orange and there are a few oranges I wouldn't mind squeezing.

9. Arizona

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    Oh, she's got moves. Flexible, hot and blonde are all extremely important features.

    Keep up the good work, Ms. Arizona cheerleader, we'll continue to admire your talents.

8. North Carolina

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    There's nothing like a good pose amongst hot friends in skimpy outfits. Although, the girl to the left wins in my book.

    Any girl that asks, "Hey, do you think I can stand on one leg and touch the back of my head with my other foot?" will promptly be told to prove it.

7. Florida

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    Florida may have a bunch of swamp creatures as part of their student body, but Gainesville does have some smoking cheerleaders. This sexy brunette has everything it takes to make your tail wag.

    She's busting out of her top with excitement for basketball season!

6. Kansas

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    "Rock Chalk, Jay Hawk," I want youuu.

    This Kansas cheerleader is absolutely gorgeous. I could almost be convinced to move to the heartland for a chance with this beautiful brunette.

5. Kentucky

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    Okay, so maybe Ashley Judd is not actually on the Kentucky cheerleading squad, but she cheers her sexy little heart out.

    Come on, who wouldn't root for the Kentucky Wildcats if your girl looked half as good as Judd in this getup?

    Oy vey!

4. USC

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    There's something about tan, California girls in all white. The sexy, old-school cheerleading unis with the turtle neck, I'm digging the whole thing.

    It looks like the letters U-S-C might just pop right off their tops, which, for the record, would receive no complaints here.

3. Texas Tech

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    These ladies from Texas make me wonder what the heck is in the water down there. These girls are cute and pull off one sexy uniform. Not to mention their hips don't lie either.

    Ow ow.

2. LSU

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    What's better than one or two or three cheerleaders? The whole freaking squad is.

    These southern ladies pull off some absurdly tight shorts and tops barely holding on, and for that I thank them. Not one of these girls would you say no to.


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    Ding ding ding. Winner!

    UCLA may have the most championships in the sport, but my word, do they have some fine cheerleaders. This blonde is just taunting all of us as she prances around the court.

    I need to move to Southern California.