Yanks Look To Make Big Off Season Splash

Matt JacobsContributor INovember 22, 2008

Although many Yankees fans are disappointed with the team's performance last year, they will try to bolster their roster with some flashy free agent acquisitions, as usual.

Currently, their biggest need is in their rotation. With Andy Pettitte out on the free agent market, Mike Mussina's retirement, and the inconsistency of the rotation last year, the Yankees have major gap in their rotation needing to be filled.

Luckily for the Bronx bombers, big name free agent pitchers are available this off season such as C.C. Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Derek Lowe, Ben Sheets, and Randy Wolf.

The Yanks have already started to improve their roster with the acquisition of former Chicago White Sox player Nick Swisher. Swisher is filling one of the Yankees other major needs, at first base. Swisher is a very versatile player. He can play first base and all the outfield positions. Swisher gives the Yanks another talented bat in the heart of their lineup. Swisher brings versatility (he is a switch-hitter and he can play five positions) and power. Swisher is only 27 and two years removed from a 35 HR and 95 RBI season.

All I can say is do not count on the Yanks to finish third in the division two years in a row, even if the Rays and Red Sox are very good. With an unlimited budget to work with, and the motivation of coming off a non-playoff season, the Yanks have to be good.

My Top 20 Free Agents Available

  1. C.C. Sabathia (SP)
  2. Manny Ramirez (LF)
  3. Mark Teixeira (1B)
  4. Adam Dunn (LF)
  5. Pat Burrell (LF)
  6. AJ Burnett (SP)
  7. Francisco Rodriguez (RP)
  8. Derek Lowe (SP)
  9. Ben Sheets (SP)
  10. Bobby Abreu (RF)
  11. Trevor Hoffman (RP)
  12. Casey Blake (3B/RF)
  13. Randy Wolf (SP)
  14. Kerry Wood (RP)
  15. Andy Pettitte (SP)
  16. Oliver Perez (SP)
  17. Jon Garland (SP)
  18. Rafael Furcal (SS)
  19. Brandon Lyon (RP)
  20. Brad Penny (SP)