Chicago Bulls Top 5 'What If' Players of the Past 10 Years

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IISeptember 14, 2011

Chicago Bulls Top 5 'What If' Players of the Past 10 Years

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    The Chicago Bulls have always made an effort to acquire unique impact players.

    Throughout they've had Jerry Sloan, Elton Brand, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and most recently, Derrick Rose.

    Those players were all successful players that the Bulls wanted.

    Other times, though, the Bulls acquired other talents and after awhile it just left fans asking: "Why did we do this?"

    Those players showed at times what they could potentially do, but in the end they just seemed to always come up short.

    These five players made our dreams come and go as quickly as they had come and gone.

Honorable Mention: Tyson Chandler

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    Tyson Chandler makes this list as an honorable mention because he's actually proven to be at his ability that the Bulls made the move for.

    When the Bulls traded Elton Brand to get Tyson Chandler, Chandler had some huge shoes to fill.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't so consistent.

    Chandler has proven how effective he can be, as he is now a starting center in the NBA, and the thought of Rose dishing oops to him would make any Bulls fan salivate.

    I know Jason Kidd is a great PG, but imagine if that was Rose in this video and the Bulls were able to pull off plays like this.

5. Eddie Robinson

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    Eddie Robinson never did much when he played with the Chicago Bulls.

    He was known for his high flying dunks, but that was about all he could do.

    Robinson became known in Chicago for this one especially eccentric dunk, where he alley-oop'ed the ball to himself.

    Robinson ended up being a nobody in the NBA, but perhaps he had the potential to be one of the best dunkers in the league had he played consistently well.

4. James Johnson

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    When the Bulls drafted James Johnson, they were hoping to get an athletic scorer who could get to the rim.

    Turns out, James Johnson was pretty lazy, and he came into the season overweight.

    Johnson did lose weight coming into his sophomore season, but he didn't stay around long as he was eventually traded to the Raptors.

    James Johnson could have been a threat going to the rim for the Bulls, but he just never performed outside of his few highlight-reel dunks.

3. Ben Wallace

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    The addition of Ben Wallace was perhaps one of the biggest free agent signing busts in Bulls history, perhaps even NBA history.

    Ben Wallace came to the Bulls without any offensive skills, but his six points per game were just not cutting it.

    If Ben Wallace was able to get to the rim consistently, he could have been averaging at least 14 points a night. Of course, that never happened.

    Even though he is wide open in this video, it shows that Wallace had the potential to move and throw it down.

2. Eddy Curry

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    The Chicago Bulls took a huge risk drafting Eddy Curry with the fourth overall pick back in 2001.

    Curry showed some bright spots in his career, but, ultimately, staying in shape became as much of an issue as his contract.

    Even though he was out of shape, Curry still put up about 15 points per game during his Chicago days.

    If Curry stayed in game shape, he could have been a dominant low-post scorer.

    There are no clear highlights of Curry from his Bulls days, but this video of him from New York shows what he was capable of doing, even if he was out of shape.

1. Tyrus Thomas

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    The Chicago Bulls had high hopes when they traded LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas on draft night.

    Thomas was known for being an incredibly gifted athletic player in college, but he was never able to take his talents to the floor every night.

    In the end, the Bulls parted ways with Thomas when he was at his highest value.

    This clip leaves Bulls fans wondering how great Thomas could have been if he played like this every night.

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