NFL Week 12 Picks Roundtable: James Vs. Sean

Bleacher Report Senior Writer INovember 22, 2008

James Williamson

Houston @ Cleveland: I think the Texans are going to have a losing season without Schaub. Rosenfels turns over the ball too much, and Brady Quinn has something to prove, so I think the Browns will win.

Buffalo @ Kansas City: Kansas has played very well against teams they are really favored like the Chargers. Yet, I think Dick Jauron will want to keep his job really bad, and the Bills have got to be tired of losing. They are what now? Five losses in a row? They need to start winning. So, I think the Bills will win.

New England @ Miami: New England has a lot of old defensive guys against a very good running game and a very accurate quarterback. Miami will want to crush them like they did before. So, I think the Dolphins will hold nothing back. Miami in my opinion.

Jets @ Tennessee: The Jets have been completely revived on offense and defense while the Titans are decent at offense. That said, Brett Favre has been inconsistent, and the Titans defense knows how to intercept passes. I think the Titans will go 11-0 because that defense is that good.

Philadelphia @ Baltimore: Baltimore has a great defense and Joe Flacco has been amazing this year, but I think the Eagles's corners will take advantage of the fact that he is a rookie. Philly also has a mean set of linebackers so the running game should be limited on both sides. I hope I'm wrong, but I pick the Eagles for this one.

San Francisco @ Dallas: I think Dallas could be cocky about this game, but I think Romo will set them straight. Every game is a must win now for the Boys and I think they won't be stupid enough to be upset like they were against St. Louis. Dallas wins big time hopefully.

Tampa Bay @ Detroit: Ernest Graham is out, but the Bucs still have Carnell Williams and Warrick Dunn at running back so they should be able to do something against the league's worst rush defense. I think that not even Daunte Culpepper can keep the Lions from losing every game this season, and the Bucs are in a tight division so they won't be so relaxed. Tampa Bay wins.

Minnesota @ Jacksonville: Minnesota has an excellent pass rush. Even though their QB makes mistakes, Garrard is not the best either. This should be a running game totally and I think Adrian Peterson is a better back than Maurice Jones-Drew or Fred Taylor. Vikings also are in a tight race for first in the NFC North. Vikes over Jags.

Chicago @ St. Louis: St. Louis does not have Steven Jackson and Chicago is coming off a loss so they have a few bones to pick. Kyle Orton is still a very good QB with only two INTS this year, so I think the Bears will devour the sheep. Bears win by a bunch.

Oakland @ Denver: Denver may not have much of a running game, but Oakland does not have much of a run defense. Oakland is struggling at almost if not every position. The Raiders are going to have another top five pick again. Denver over Oakland.

Carolina @ Atlanta: This is a tough one. I don't know either team very well, but I think experience is a big difference in this league, so I'm going with Jake Delhomme, because he is back to his elite self with a good running game, and good wide receivers, and Atlanta needs a little more time to completely gel into a playoff team. Carolina over Atlanta. But, I'm far from sure.

Giants @ Arizona: The time difference should have an effect on New York, and Kurt Warner is, in my opinion, the best quarterback in the league. The Cardinals don't need a run game if Warner can get the pass off to Boldin and Fitzgerald. Also, the other receivers are no dummies either. Warner destoys the secondary of the Giants and gives them their second loss. Cardinals win in an upset.

Colts @ Chargers: Chargers are not the same team of last year. The defense is far from a threat anymore really, and Peyton Manning has Marvin Harrison back to a much better form. Colts destroy the poorest defense against the pass. Indianapolis wins.

Green Bay @ New Orleans: I think Drew Brees is an elite quarterback, but something is wrong with the Saints. On paper they are great, but on the field they are a flip of the coin every time. I think the Packers will beat the Saints. It should be a close game, but the Packers have a better defense, and Reggie Bush may not play for the Saints. Packers win.

Sean O'Brien

Houston @ Cleveland
This will be Brady Quinn's third start for the season and he will hope to break .500, having gone 1-1 in his previous two. That being said, I think Cleveland coughs up another one late in the game to Houston's fifth ranked offense.
My Prediction: Houston - 27, Cleveland - 20

Buffalo @ Kansas City
Trent Edwards has been getting progressively worse every game this season and suddenly all those comeback games look more like a bad team almost getting beat rather then a good team coming back. Meanwhile, Kansas City seems to have found it's offensive answer in Tyler Thigpen and Tony Gonzalez is still playing his heart out despite not getting traded. Not to mention Buffalo's best secondary players are out with injuries. I smell an upset.
My prediction: Kansas City - 30, Buffalo - 14

New England @ Miami
Matt Cassel is coming off the greatest game of his career, but that game also resulted in a loss. Belichick will be licking his chops at getting a second chance against the rising 'Phins. Both teams are even better then when they first met this season and the Patriots should accurately respect Miami going into this game.
My prediction: New England - 17, Miami - 13

NY Jets @ Tennessee
The undefeated vs. the surprise AFC East division leaders, this should be a great game. The Titans have proved they can win either on the ground or through the air so all doubt in my mind is gone. The Jets are finally showing glimpses of being as good as hyped. I think the Titans squeak out another one in OT.
My prediction: Tennessee - 23, NY Jets - 20 in OT

Philadelphia @ Baltimore
Both teams are better then they showed last week and both will want to take out their aggressions. The Raven 'D' should play with more heart then McNabb's offense though and that will ultimately determine the winner. Flacco pushes through the blitzes and has a 2 TD game.
My prediction: Ravens - 27, Eagles - 20

San Francisco @ Dallas
I have a sneaking suspicion that the 'Boys are coming into this game expecting it to be an easy "W" and they won't properly respect the 'Niners. Shaun Hill is no JT O'Sullivan and makes this offense much more respectable. San Fran nearly upset Arizona, who manhandled Dallas so I'm going with the underdog. That victory over the Redskins suddenly doesn't seem so revitalizing.
My prediction: 49ers - 21, Cowboys - 13

Tampa Bay @ Detroit
I still think Garcia should never have been benched in favor of Griese. Tampa's defense will swarm Daunte Culpepper and force multiple turnovers. Detroit is wretched this year and Culpepper has really underachieved. I say bring back the young gun, he would at least get a safety to lose every once in a while to make things interesting.
My prediction: Bucs - 24, Lions - 6

Minnesota @ Jacksonville
How much better off are the Vikings will Gus Frerotte over Tavaris Jackson? I mean really, he throws more INTs then he does TDs and the offense still has to rely on Adrian Peterson way too much. Now that I'm done ranting, I think the Vikes steal this one.
My prediction: Vikings - 16, Jags - 13

Chicago @ St. Louis
The Rams gave up 35 points to the Niners last week in the first half. Want to know what's worse then that? Chicago lost to Green Bay by a wider point margin. If Kyle Orton is a little more healthy he should be able to shred this Ram secondary, while Forte runs over defenders in the middle.
My prediction: Bears - 33, Rams - 9

Oakland @ Denver
Tom Cable isn't even an interim answer, let alone head coaching material. This offense is horrible. Luckily for them, the Bronco "D" is horrible too. Oh wait, the Denver offense is awesome and the Oakland defense isn't even average. Hmm, wonder who is going to win?
My prediction: Broncos - 30, Raiders - 12

Carolina @ Atlanta
Here's what this game comes down to: If Jake Delhomme plays like he has been playing, the Falcons pull the upset. If he plays at even the average level, his defense will seal the victory for him. Matt Ryan will face a ballhawk secondary and a bullish pass rush. Doesn't spell good things for the rookie QB.
My prediction: Panthers - 24, Falcons - 17

NY Giants @ Arizona
Who here didn't see highlights of Earth, Wind and Fire trampling a great Baltimore "D" last week? Honestly, no one is going to stop them this year is the defense still has to worry about Eli and a platoon of competent receivers. Kurt Warner is having a great year and will score points, but the Giants running game will keep him off the field.
My prediction: Giants - 27, Cards - 21

Washington @ Seattle
Sorry 'Skins fans but your offense is way below average even with Clinton Portis. I can't believe anyone ever muttered MVP about Jason Campbell. He is still having issues leading this offense and it will be a toss up between the 'Skins and the Eagles for the East cellar. Seattle is playing worse on both sides of the ball though and the Washington "D" is above average.
My prediction: Redskins - 21, Seahawks - 13

Indianapolis @ San Diego
At the beginning of the year I thought this was going to be an AFC Championship preview. Instead, I have the feeling it's going to be a beatdown. Peyton and the Colts are getting better and better as the year progresses and I just don't see Rivers leading the Bolts back in time.
My prediction: Colts - 35, Bolts - 17

Green Bay @ New Orleans
Neither team has played up to expectation this year. Both play in a competitive division but one is rising and the other is falling pretty hard. Brees will keep the Saints in the game, but against the Green Bay "D" he won't be able to carry the team the whole four quarters.
My prediction: Packers - 23, Saints - 16


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