Derrick Rose's Adidas AdiZero Rose 2: Full Shoe Review

Allen KimSenior Analyst IOctober 26, 2011

Derrick Rose's Adidas AdiZero Rose 2: Full Shoe Review

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    Adidas pulled out all the stops for Derrick Rose’s new shoes, the adidas adiZero Rose 2.

    After taking home the NBA MVP and spearheading a league-leading 62 win season for the Chicago Bulls, Rose was rightfully rewarded with a very special pair of kicks to adorn his feet.

    While we’ll still have to wait before we’re able to witness Rose tearing up the hardwood against NBA-caliber talent, Bulls fans can rest easy knowing that one of their MVP’s most valuable assets—his feet—will be well protected when the NBA lockout finally comes to an end.


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    Adidas went in a different direction from Rose’s first pair with the company. The design team went with an all-around higher class shoe with the adiZero Rose 2. They didn’t skimp on anything and, instead, went with some premium material to construct a solid and durable pair of shoes.

    While the Adidas adiZero Crazy Light was clearly designed for speed on the court, the Rose 2 balances design and performance with the fashionable baller in mind.

    The sleek design is complemented by a mix of patent and cracked premium leather—although different colorways apparently call for different use of material.

    While they look like they’re low tops, they’re more of a hybrid between lows and mids. Regardless of their type, the shoe is extremely well balanced.


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    Like the Crazy Light, the traction on the Rose 2 are fantastic, all thanks to the great soles.

    While I can’t say for certain how much of an impact the Splatter Traction Surface on the sole made, the overall performance more than speaks for itself.

    Gripping the court—whether indoor or outdoor—was done with ease as I effortlessly made cuts and spins.

    The circular design at the forefoot, while seemingly nothing more than a design choice, actually greatly impacts the way you move around on the court.


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    Borrowing elements from the Adidas adiZero Crazy Light, Rose’s new signature shoe features the same sprint frame and sprint web construction that made the Crazy Light effortless to move around in.

    Coming in at 12.4 oz, the Rose 2 added on some heft from the Crazy Light, but it certainly won’t deter you from burning your man on the way to the bucket.

    While it doesn’t boast the same claim to fame as the Crazy Light, the Rose 2 is still incredibly light on your feet. The added weight was a necessary evil in order to make room for one of the most important factors in basketball shoes…


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    The soles are thick and sturdy, which is important since they provide a strong base for the rest of the shoes.

    Complementing the strong base is the molded heel counter, which I found to be strong and extremely stable, so you don’t need to worry about an unfortunate ankle twist occurring.

    Adidas was also kind enough to add in a much welcomed gore ankle strap. This adjustable collar makes it much easier to tighten or loosen up the shoes, so you can slip right in and out of them. The collar also act as a de facto ankle brace when laced up, making you feel all that much more at ease when you step onto the court.


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    My biggest issue with the adiZero Crazy Light was that it pinched the soles of my feet about midway through. On numerous occasions, I would feel a sharp and noticeable pain after a lengthy session of hoops.

    I can say with confidence that Adidas took care of that issue and created a more generous and wider profile that gives your feet more space and room to breathe.

    As I referenced earlier, the Rose 2 packed on some weight in order to create a more comfortable and stronger supporting shoe. Since they weren’t aiming to create the lightest basketball shoe ever created, they didn’t have to sacrifice material for the sake of weight.

    The shoes are thicker all around, with an added layer of cushioning to give them a pillowy-like feel when you slip them on.


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    Adidas is on a roll here, and they have a winner with the Adidas adiZero Rose 2, having crafted one of the finest signature kicks on the market in recent memory.

    I almost feel guilty slipping these on and wearing them on the court. While they’re certainly durable enough to regularly wear on hard courts, it’s almost a travesty to scuff up the soles against concrete.

    By the same token, you would be doing yourself a disservice keeping them shelved away instead of breaking ankles with them.

    While these were designed with the playing style of a guard, they can match that of all types of position players.

    It’s only fitting that the reigning league MVP has arguably the nicest signature shoes on the market to match. Coming in at a rather affordable price point of $110, what are you waiting for?