Like Father, Like Son: Why The Youngest Curry Will Succeed at The Next Level

Josh FreerksContributor INovember 22, 2008

Anybody that watched last year's dance knows the name Stephen Curry.  He is the most prolific scorer in college basketball today, and no team has created a scheme that can prevent him from scoring.  Even during their prime-time game against Oklahoma this year, Davidson as a team did not play their best basketball, but Stephen was able to keep his team position to win throughout the game. 

You can even look at the expression on Blake Griffin's face when he contested Curry's shot late in the game and see the amazement that Blake had after Curry made the shot.  There is no doubt that Curry is a special player, and I believe he can take his skills to the next level and be successful.

I see similarities with his situation that Jay Cutler of the Broncos had during his time at Vanderbilt.  Both were the best players on the respective teams and were successful with little talent.  They both had to do whatever in their power to give their team a winning chance even if that meant taking certain risks during the course of the game. 

During draft week, Merril Hoge kept insisting that Jay Cutler would be the best quarterback out of Matt Leinart and Vince Young because of his skills and what he did with the talent around him.  Apparently, he was correct in his assessment.  Stephen Curry has skills that make him a viable threat at the next level as well.

People want to continually make comparisons of Stephen Curry to J.J. Reddick all the time, but I feel as if this is unfair to Curry.  He is a different style of player than Reddick ever was.  Curry has the ability not only to shoot set shots at an efficient rate, but he also can create his own baskets. 

One thing that Reddick lacked in my opinion is a desire to try and get into the lane.  I have noticed Curry trying to get into the lane more often because he has faith in his free throw shooting.  Any great scorer in the NBA must be able to get to the free-throw line on a continual basis.  Not only will his shooting help him, but I believe his strength will help him.

Some believe Curry's body is too frail for the NBA.  If you look at the kid, he appears to have a good physique for his position and stature.  One of the abilities that is overlooked is his ability to finish at the rim.  Finishing at the rim requires strength, and Curry will finish at the rim.  If he draws contact, he gets right back up and nails his two free shots. 

Although I do not believe Curry will be a starter because his point guard skills are not quite developed yet, I do believe he will have a successful career.  The coaching staff that decides to draft him will have fun trying to utilize his game to the fullest extent possible. 

In my opinion, he draws similarities to Aaron Brooks of the Rockets.  They both are shoot first point guards and can shoot it at an efficient rate.  As stated by Mike Wilbon from PTI this past Friday, "The most important thing still today in the NBA is putting the ball into the hole."