The 25 Hardest Heads in WWE Wrestling History

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IISeptember 15, 2011

The 25 Hardest Heads in WWE Wrestling History

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    They used their heads like it was a battering ram. Night after night they would risk concussions, injury and even death.

    Yes, there are some parts of wrestling that are REAL!

    In many cases in the prime of wrestling (the 1970s and 1980s), wrestlers used their heads as weapons against their opponents with the idea that if they caused the man across the ring from them to lose any sense of direction or focus, it would help score a pin fall or submission.

    But having a hard head is not just about using it to win a match or inflict damage. There have been many wrestlers who have taken shots to the head repeatedly and have used that as part of the their character. Some, like Sandman, are known for smashing things with their skull to the crowd's delight.

    And then there are some that headbutt the crap out of an opponent (Haku/Meng) until they fall in a heap for the pin fall.

    Today, we don't see this tactic as much. While there is a certain drop off in the tactics of today's superstars, the headbutt or the use of the head is not as successful as it used to be.

    Here is a look at those wrestlers whose heads have made it through the battle zone and have the scars to prove it.

Andre the Giant

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    We start with the biggest and most powerful in the business.

    Getting a headbutt from Andre the Giant was like being hit with a wall of bricks.

    There was so much force behind every one of the them. And it looked so effortless.

    I guess that speaks to his true strength in the ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow

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    The man is just plain ugly.

    Bigelow spent time in many promotions but was most popular in WCW and ECW.

    His head is like granite. Anyone who allows themselves to be tattooed like that has major stones.

    And a huge threshold for pain.

Bobo Brazil

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    Now, I never saw him in action, but from what I have read and what I have been told, this icon and former NWA champion of the 1970s used his head in many a match to inflict punishment.

    He was considered one of the best international stars of the 70s, in a time where promotions in the NWA reigned supreme.

Bully Ray

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    Head shots, chair shots, table shots...Oh My!

    Today, there may not be a tougher SOB than Bully Ray.

    As a tag team specialist with Brother Devon, he was awesome and some of the antics the two performed were vicious.

    As a singles competitor, he has taken his brand of punishment to a new level, taking it and dishing it out.

Butch Reed

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    In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Butch Reed was bad ass. If the "soup bone" (fist) did not get you, then the head butt or some type of power move did.

    Reed, who went on to the WWF as "The Natural," was a mid-carder in the WWF, but toward the end of his career he was a part of Doom with Ron Simmons.

Chris Benoit

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    Maybe no other wrestler put their body on the line each night like Benoit.

    Diving head butts and punishment contributed to his use of steroids to heal and take away pain.

    It also meant damaging his brain over and over again.

Eric Embry

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    He wasn't great, but few could take a shot to the head like Embry could.

    He started out in Florida where his first match was against King Kong Bundy.

    He moved to Texas and became a popular wrestler who bled a lot and took major punishment to the old noggin.

    He also was adept at writing creative storylines which made him a hot commodity.

Harley Race

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    I will go on record as saying I think Harley Race and Wahoo McDaniel were the toughest wrestlers ever to lace them up in the 1970s.

    Race was as tough as they come, winning the NWA world title on seven occasions. He used his head from the top rope like it was a sledge hammer.

    No one could withstand pain like this man.

Haku (Meng)

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    He came to the ring, said very little and beat his opponents down.

    As Haku/Meng, he could headbutt men bigger than him and make them cower.

    He has some awesome battles with Sting in the NWA/WCW and was a tag team partner of the Barbarian.

Junk Yard Dog

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    Oh, you knew it was coming...

    In the UWK, under Bill Watts, he was a great regional face who garnered titles. He could use his "Butt Thump" to hurt his opponents, but also used his headbutt to knock them senseless.

    In the WWF, he became a cartoonish character who did not speak much and barked and panted like a dog.

The Great Khali

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    He is stiff as a board and looks so robotic.

    But you have to figure that if a man that size hit you with his head, it is going to hurt.

    Khali really has not place in the WWE other than being a sideshow of sorts.

    But his headbutts are affective.

Dusty Rhodes

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    Besides Abdullah the Butcher, he may have the most familiar scarred head in wrestling.

    Rhodes has been beaten on, cut, attacked, burnt. And that is just for starters.

    His head was also used to headbutt his way out of situations in the ring, and he used it against The Horsemen, Pak Song, Harley Race and Ric Flair, amongst others.

Abdullah the Butcher

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    Over five decades, it seemed the more his head was damaged or abused, the more he liked it.

    No one in wrestling has scars like Abdullah the Butcher.

    He wrestled the greats: Bruiser Brody, Carlos Colon and Bobo Brazil, to name a few.


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    Forget the face paint and the belly flop. Those were intimidating enough.

    Have a man in a loin cloth come at you with a big bald head and then feel that impact.

    That was Kamala.

    He was a regional star in the NWA before moving over to the WWF where he was a mid-card success.


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    He still looks menacing. He can take plenty of punishment and still go up top to deliver a blow to his opponent.

    And he has taken many blows to the head and still keeps on going.

Mankind/Mick Foley

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    Every night he put his body and head on the line with his hardcore style.

    He just makes the most incredible moves and leaves the fans breathless.

    He is an icon with hardcore wrestling. And he took his fair share of head shots over the years.

Masato Tanaka

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    From what I understand, this guy's head is steel.

    OK, that's an exaggeration, but he was said to have concrete blocks broken over his skill repeatedly from his time in extreme wrestling.

    I think that qualifies for this list.

One Man Gang

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    Another one of the uglies.

    His head was hard as steel and he used it and had it used on him, taking shot, after shot, after shot.

    And at some point, he decided to allow the WWF to make him African in a getup that just made you laugh.


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    Sometimes Scott Levy just did not know when to stop.

    He helped make ECW what it was and he used his body and head in ways that were just sick.

    His mind was a terrible thing to not waste.

Rufus R. Jones

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    A favorite of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

    Very hard head and used it to beat his opponents.

    Feuded with Paul Jones for a time and tried to escape the mid-card level several times.


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    They used there noggins all the time to hurt their opponents.

    Maybe that is why they did not talk too much, because their brains were scrambled.


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    Not a fan, but you cannot deny the fact he used his skull to break beer cans. He also was instrumental in making ECW relevant.

    He used his body in ways he should have much like Raven, Tommy Dreamer and RVD.

Skip Young

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    Sweet Brown Sugar was a favorite in Florida and Texas as a mid-card attraction. He teamed with the likes of Butch Reed to gain tag team gold in regional spots.

    His headbutts were solid and his aerial attack was spot on. Could deliver an awesome drop kick.

Terry Funk

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    He was the king of hardcore...and used his head and body when he was well over 50.

    He was a great scientific wrestler for years and changed his ways to be the head-bashing, risk-taking wrestler that he is now.

    He has "retired" from the ring, but he still wrestles from time to time.

The Missing Link

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    He just rammed his head into everyone.

    No words, no slowing down.

    One speed, one purpose.

    He was one of a kind. He wrestled in Texas as a heel until he was "rung in" by Sunshine and the Von Erichs.

    He was one of a kind.