John Cena Is the Only One Who Can Save the WWE Championship

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2011

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The WWE is lacking a true dominant heel that has both personality and credibility.  The argument for John Cena to turn heel is old.  This does not change the fact that only John Cena can save the WWE and their fading story lines.

I hate to retread an argument that has been written before, but I think the motivation for John Cena turning heel is being spun for the wrong reasons. 

For one, the focus should not be so much on hating John Cena, as much as the need for him to not be face.  The WWE currently has Sheamus, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio (though injured), John Cena and Kelly Kelly as the true stars of the WWE today.  That is far too much power on the face side.

Where are the believable villains for this company?

Alberto Del Rio is looking weaker than ever by hiring thugs to beat up Cena and then running away from him last night.  This is our main heel?  If he is not going to be ruthless, can Alberto Del Rio at least be devious and cheap shot John Cena while he was distracted with embarrassing Ricardo Rodriguez?

Then there is Mark Henry.  I’ll give Henry credit that he has become a menacing presence.  The major problem with Mark Henry is the fact that he HAS been around 15 years.  The man has gone through more gimmicks than I care to remember, and now he is supposed to be the legitimate heel of Smackdown?  They are doing a good job with making Mark look powerful, but in the back of my mind I just can’t forget who Mark Henry has been for most of his career.

Kid Tested.  Mother Approved.
Kid Tested. Mother Approved.

So again I go back to John Cena.  If the title must be back around his waist, then make him embrace the dark side.  In fact, I want Super Cena to be revealed as his alter ego and tear up Del Rio.  Let Cena go on a rampage and destroy some of the faces.  John Cena can take advantage of the moment and reinvent his act by being a heel.  This would solidify his legacy.

A lot of WWE fans, especially the IWC, seem to want John Cena to turn heel because they are tired of John Cena the face.  They are tired of “Super Cena” always winning and having the title.  This is a mistake.  Instead of hating John Cena the face, my motivation is to have Cena reignite the title picture by being a heel champion.   Let him be champion for a few months and be dominant doing it.  He has to be ruthless, snide and arrogant.

Many people, including myself, have jumped onto the CM Punk bandwagon.  The truth is Punk cannot change the WWE himself.  As much as I want CM Punk to get back into the title picture, there needs to be credibility brought back BEFORE he goes for the title. 

Only John Cena can accomplish this.

CM Punk cannot overcome all odds and be embraced as Champion if the WWE Championship seems worthless.  Many speculate that CM Punk can bring value back to the championship.  I think that needs to happen before Punk gets the title. 

If CM Punk is ever going to really create “change” he needs to take down John Cena.  I know CM Punk is considered an “Anti Hero,” but if Punk was ever to feud with John Cena again, you can’t have the crowd split on who they want to win.  This company needs direction and also needs to realize that a good heel is just as essential as the face of your company.

The WWE title picture has gone stale.  Too many faces, not enough heels and even less wrestlers that are even considered main event material, despite what side they are on.

1997 feels so long ago when we had Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Psycho Sid, the Undertaker, Vader and Steve Austin all involved in the championship picture at various times of the year. 

Today, the ridiculous rematch clause is necessary because there isn't enough title contenders to keep up interest after a title change.  Instead we get to see the same match over and over between the same two people.

If this article feels hopeless because you know the WWE will never make John Cena a heel, then I apologize.  I am not so convinced that it won’t happen. 

I will agree that until the WWE decides if they want the average viewer age to be 10 or 20, they have a serious problem.  You can’t have it both ways.  Either the product needs to be marketed one way or the other, because right now all it is creating is confusion, hopelessness and radical speculation.

Although if John Cena did turn heel…who would pose on the cover of WWE Kid’s Magazine?  I don’t think a topless Maryse cover shoot would work, no matter how many of us would enjoy that.


Thank you all again for the support and feedback.  I am really enjoying my time here at Bleacher Report.

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