NBA Report 11-22-08

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

Although the Knicks big trades may be the hottest NBA topics, several stories are flying under the radar in the NBA.

The Toronto Raptors' Jermaine O'Neal went down with an injury in the Raptors' disappointing loss to the Nets Friday night. O'Neal re-injured his knee Friday on a flagrant foul from Sean Williams of the Nets. O'Neal arrived in Toronto this offseason in a trade with the Pacers and has been reliable averaging a solid 12.9 points and 9.3 rebounds.

Dwyane Wade missed practice on Saturday, but he hopes to play against the Pacers later on tonight. Many rumors have been floating around the net regarding Wade going to the Knicks in 2010. After clearing $27.5 million off their salary cap on Friday, the Knicks look to be targeting several big time free agents. The list includes the top two scorers in the NBA in Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Manu Ginobili looks to be recovering well from his ankle injury. This past summer, Ginonbili reaggravated his ankle injury while playing for the Argentinian national team. The Spurs have been struggling so far this season only going 6-6. The addition of Ginobili to the mix should make this team better for the rest of the season.

Ginobili is a good scorer who fits Greg Popovich's system well and makes the players around him better. Manu Ginobili is ahead of schedule and could be looking at a possible return to the lineup by next week for the Spurs.

Meanwhile, in New York, the Stephon Marbury era continues. After sitting on the end of the bench for the start of the season, Marbury had an opportunity to play last night, but reportedly he rejected it. After trading three players last night, the Knicks were short on players coming into the game against the Bucks. Marbury rejected the offer to play from Mike D'antoni and the Knicks played with an eight man rotation.

D'antoni indirectly criticized Marbury saying that he will only play the guys who give their hearts out and that is who he will love.