Are the Panthers Ready for Prime Time?

NC NighthawkAnalyst INovember 22, 2008

Are either the Panthers or Falcons ready for prime time? 

The Panthers have an opportunity to create a little bit of a comfort zone to their NFC South lead, while this game is almost a must-win for the Falcons’ playoff hopes. 

Carolina keeps winning games but did not impress anyone with its recent victories over  Oakland and Detroit following its week nine bye.  The Falcons have not beaten any team that's currently sporting a winning record, having gone 0-4 in previous encounters with the Panthers, Buccaneers, Eagles, and Broncos.

The Panthers' recent lukewarm performances and Delhomme's struggles should be significant red flags for Panthers fans. 

Therefore, a solid performance by quarterback Jake Delhomme quarterback is essential if Carolina wants to leave the Georgia Dome as a winner.

If he rebounds on Sunday, and the NFC South leaders' strong running game and ferocious defense show up, then the Panthers should be a little too much for the much improved, yet still developing Falcons to handle. 

If the Panthers take a vacation like they did in the first Buccaneers game, then Atlanta will coast to a victory.  Which will it be?

Panthers fans, I hope that I am wrong, but Atlanta should be very focused after losing to Denver.  Besides, the entire NFC South is 19-2 at home this season to this point.

The Silver Fox Forecast: Atlanta 30, Carolina 27