Ohio State-Michigan Drinking Game Open Thread

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst INovember 22, 2008

You do not expect much of a game but you still want to be entertained. What better way to enjoy yourself than drinking in step with the Ohio State beat down of Michigan? Here is a little drinking game to help get you started.

Drink when:

  • Pryor throws a pass (chug an entire beer when he throws on first down). Trust me, this will not get you drunk.
  • Nick Sheridan throws a pass that makes every Michigan fan gasp with fright (you may want to sip because this happens frequently).
  • Chug a whole beer when Beanie hurdles a Michigan defender.
  • Drink graciously every time Paul McGuire says something indecipherable (this will get you drunk).
  • Drink victoriously each time the announcers mention the thought of Pryor running Michigan’s offense.
  • Chug your remaining beer if Ohio State returns a punt for more than 15 yards.

Please add your own below and crack open that first brewskie (Poe, I expect a lot of one on this one).