Joey Porter Talks About Michael Vick's Possible Return To The NFL

Jesse AbelsonContributor INovember 22, 2008

I just found this on Yahoo Rumors. Here is the article.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter commented on the possible reinstatement of former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and, as usual, Porter shot right from the lip, according to a report on Vick was convicted for his role in a dogfighting ring and is serving time in a Kansas federal prison. He's scheduled to be released next summer.

"He's already been punished enough," said Porter (referring to Vick's possible reinstatement after serving his sentence), who owns a pair of pit bulls and a Maltese. "They gave him his penalty. He paid his penalty. What else should they do to him now?

"All it was was dogs. They act like they don't even like pit bulls anyway. That's the funny thing about it if you want to get back on that topic. I got pit bulls, I got to put them under a different breed just to travel. So you can't even fly pit bulls nowhere.

"It's a breed they don't care about. It's not like he was fighting er spaniels or something that they like. They don't really care too much about pit bulls." reported that Porter let his pitbull loose and it killed a miniature horse.

This is sure to get PETA on Porter's tail. This could be one of the stupidest things I have heard from a professional football player in...about two weeks. I don't know if this is just offensive to me because I am an animal lover, but this is a stupid thing to say. Porter is leading the NFL in sacks and is having a great season, and then to say something as stupid as this, he is sure to get a lot of negative publicity.