The World Has Spoken; Fedor Wins PFP Debate.

p kCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

Yesterday, November 21, a poll ran for 24 hours on the front page of the world's biggest Martial Arts Web site, Sherdog, asking you to pick the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Over 27,000 people voted from around the world.

The picks were 100 percent matching to what BR rankings came up with last week:

Notice that Sherdog's staff had come up with different rankings last week, where they have placed Emelianenko third, below St. Pierre.

Take it as you wish, but it seems that Sherdog's staff is out of touch with the rest of the world, while BR is not.

The poll started early morning with western world sleeping, and Asia voting, where there is no UFC presence. Fedor assumed a huge lead early. As Americans came home from school, college, and work, they got Anderson Silva some votes, but Anderson made up only one percent, meaning that even in the west, where UFC hype is running wild, people have lost some faith in Anderson.

Amazingly Fedor has received more than double the votes BJ and GSP got combined! In fact Anderson's, BJ's and GSP's votes all put together barely edge out Fedor's.

Why? The culprit is obviously the Cote fight, as Anderson has WON this exact poll on that exact Web site by the narrowest of margins prior to the Cote fight.

I believe some people don't fully understand Anderson's strategy in the Cote fight, and did not take the time to listen to what Anderson's camp had to say about it. I feel that Anderson is taking too much heat for that fight. But many people including yours truly feel that no excuse can be made for not finishing an unranked opponent for three rounds. So Anderson loses his PFP status in the west too...


Let's take a quick look at RECENT pfp stats:

Number of fights in the last 24 months:

Anderson 6


Fedor 5

Forest 4

BJ Penn 3

Nog 3

(There goes the ever popular UFC claim that Fedor is not active enough)

Opinions of pfp candidates (past and present) on this topic:

Fedor declined to name the best pfp fighter.

GSP named Fedor as his favorite and best pfp fighter (MMA Weekly, last month)

BJ Penn named Fedor as his favorite and best pfp fighter in the world (on several occasions)

Anderson Silva has declined to name the best pfp fighter, but mentioned that BJ MAY be the one.

Rampage named Fedor and BJ Penn as the best pfp fighters in the world.

Antonio Nogueira named Anderson as the best pfp fighter (training partner bias possible)


Other fighters opinions:

Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Phil Baroni, Crocop, Shogun, Diego Sanchez, Brandon Vera, and Sergei Kharitonov have all picked Fedor as the best pfp fighter on Earth.

Bas Rutten and Randy Couture have reversed their previous opinions that it's Fedor, and have recently voted in favor of several other fighters on various occasions.



Anderson is naturally 230 lbs. (according to himself on radio) before he cuts weight, and is two inches taller than Fedor. This fact hurt his pfp status badly, as people realized that he doesn't fight people his size, but instead dominates the weakest division in the sport where he is the biggest guy with the longest reach.

Anderson is a GREAT fighter, but UFC has MARKETED him as the best pfp fighter on Earth, starting with his victory over poor reality show participant Chris Leben. Marketing and reality are not the same, and yesterday's poll has proved it.

Dana White, try harder! Let's see how hard will you try to shove Brock Lesnar down our throats! :)