Week 2 Fantasy Duds: Who to Avoid Starting and Why

John SzurlejAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2011

Week 2 Fantasy Duds: Who to Avoid Starting and Why

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    Week 1 is in the books and was filled with some surprising games and player's performances.

    Week 2 will arrive before you realize and for those looking to rebound from a loss, or those looking to continue the winning streak, there are some match ups this week that can create a fantasy football problem.

    Here is a look into Week 2 of the NFL and a list of players to avoid starting and why.

    Good luck as you continue your quest for your league's championship.

LeGarrett Blount

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    Blount was one of the most hyped running backs in this year's draft after finishing 2010 with over 1,000 yards in only eight weeks of the season.

    In Week 1, he was a phantom against the Detroit Lions defense as he ran for 15 yards on five carries.

    Although his fellow Buccaneer, Earnest Graham didn't do much more, Blount owners should roll him with extreme caution.

    The Minnesota Vikings are not the Lions on the defensive side of the ball, but they were able to hold Ryan Matthews and Mike Tolbert for under 50 yards each out of the backfield.

    The Vikings got burned by Tolbert as a receiver as he had a huge day, posting three touchdowns, and Matthews posted 73 yards receiving respectively.

    Blount is not the primary back in the receiving role as that is traditionally Graham's; and the recently announced running back by committee by the Bucs leaves this match up unfavorable for Blount.

    Sit him this week as it's too shaky in Tampa Bay to rely on him.

Maurice Jones-Drew

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    Maurice Jones-Drew is most likely the only considerable threat that the Jaguar's possess and that will make it extremely hard to run against the Jets defense.

    The Jets will look to shut down MJD as they concentrate on taking him out of the game and making Luke McCown beat them through the air.

    In all likelihood that is not going to happen and against a Jets defense that only allowed 44 yards to Dallas running back Felix Jones, I just don't see Jones-Drew having the ability to make his mark against them either.

    If you have no other options then I can understand you starting him, but if there are other backs on your roster, rest MJD this week.

Cam Newton

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    Please don't get sucked into the vortex of putting too much stock into Cam Newton.

    Newton had an impressive debut in Week 1 throwing for over 400 yards, but that was against the Arizona Cardinals.

    I realize that this young quarterback ha plenty of big games ahead of him, but he will be facing the Super Bowl Champion's defense in Week 2, a stark contrast to the Cardinals secondary.

    Newton will be scrambling more than he can throw as the Packers linebackers and secondary will overwhelm the young star and there just aren't enough other players capable of making big plays for him.

    Look for another option and a better match up to avoid costing your team valuable points.

Donovan Mcnabb

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    Although I doubt he will have another game where he throws for a total of 39 yards, it is a safe play in benching McNabb until he proves that he can move this Minnesota Vikings team.

    The Vikings have serious issues in the receiving department as their corps combined for a total of seven receptions the entire game.

    Vikings No. 2 receiver, Bernard Berrian, didn't even record a catch.

    Expect the Vikings to run Adrian Peterson around 25 times and don't be surprised to see the receiver woes to continue as the Harvin/Berrian combo seems it will be ineffective.

    McNabb will probably only see around 200 yards passing in this game as there is a strong possibility of him having continued problems for now.

    Until you see something respectable from McNabb, go with your backup unless you cannot avoid starting him.

Mike Williams (Seattle)

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    Until we know if Sidney Rice is going to play, the Seahawks will look for reliance from Golden Tate.

    With Pittsburgh getting embarrassed by Baltimore in Week 1, expect the defense to be looking for someone to take it out on.

    Tarvaris Jackson is not capable of throwing against a team like the Steelers and shouldn't have a great day in Week 2.

    Expect Williams to be quiet as will Rice if he plays.

    The matchups are not there and if he fills the No. 2 or 3 or your Flex position, avoid him at all costs in this game.

Matt Ryan

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    It's hard to say this about Matt Ryan, but, with another matchup against a stringent defense I can't role Ryan against the Eagles.

    After a concerning performance in Chicago, the Falcons look like a team that is just not on the same page at this point offensively.  The Falcons should be fine as they work the kinks out but the concern still remains strong about this start.

    Against a Chicago defense, that rendered him basically ineffective until late in the game, and  despite throwing for over 300 yards, I don't expect him to show much improvement against the Eagles' secondary.

    If your team is deep at the QB position and you have a more favorable option available, it may be safe to bench Ryan and get him going in Week 3.

    Although he has the weapons in his passing attack, the Eagles are ready for the challenge and have a multitude of personnel that could make every yard a battle for him.

Matt Cassel

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    Cassel threw 36 times against the Buffalo Bills and only managed to complete 22 of those for 119 yards with a touchdown and a pick.

    Cassel, playing with a sore rib, tried to direct his team to a victory but the Chiefs were only able to score seven lonely points against a Bills defense.

    The Chiefs were lackluster in all areas as they only managed a total of 213 yards offensively.

    In Week 2, the Chiefs take on the Detroit Lions who bring a heftier defense than what the Bills possess.

    Although the Chiefs should be able to challenge Detroit, I don't expect Cassel to do much more than his Week 1 debut.

    It would be safe to bench him against the Lions defense and start your other quarterback if he matches up better this week.