Wes Welker 99-Yard Touchdown Video: Patriots Receiver Sets Record on Wild Night

Dylan MacNamaraSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2011

Wes Welker tied an unbreakable NFL record on Monday night when he caught a 99-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady late in the 4th quarter of the Patriots win over the Miami Dolphins. 

The play matched Tony Dorsett's famous Monday Night Football run, a 99-yard sprint down the right sideline against the Minnesota Vikings in 1983. 

On this night, Welker lined up in the slot to Brady's left. It looked like the Dolphins were in cover zero against the Patriots five wide receiver set, a defense that leaves the defensive backs in man-on-man coverage with no safety help over the top.

Welker took an outside release, stemmed the route back over the top of his defender and caught the perfectly placed pass in stride at about the 20 yard line.

The defender lunged but couldn't trip Welker up, who was untouched the rest of his way to pay dirt.

This was a historic night on multiple fronts. Tom Brady finished with 517 yards passing, a Patriots single game record and combined with Chad Henne for 906 net passing yards, an NFL record. 

Welker's catch and run will also go down in the annals of fantasy football lore. The play—depending on what your league's scoring settings are—added up to nearly 20 points alone. Many a fantasy game were won and lost in a matter of seconds.

ESPN's Bill Simmons may have put it best in his tweet:

Was that the greatest fantasy football play of all time? I don't remember any fantasy leagues around when Dorsett did it.

On a night that was filled with a number of truly spectacular plays, this play shone brightest.