NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Jersey Edition

Nick HansenCorrespondent IINovember 1, 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Jersey Edition

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    Welcome to a new way to look at NFL Power Rankings. We all love seeing where our favorite team is ranked. We also love representing our favorite player on Sunday's while we're watching the game. 

    Why not combine them? 

    It's a power ranking of whose jersey is good to buy at that particular moment. We all love seeing great game, but do you really think you're going to get a date wearing a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey? And while some Jerseys might be good initially, who knows where they will be the next season? (Donovan McNabb Redskin's jersey, 75 percent off!)

    Combining style, impact, and overall weekly swagger, here's a rank of the top 10 jerseys in the NFL right now (and five that might get you on this site). 

Whose Stock Is Falling

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    Before we get started, here is a look at whose jersey you don't want to be wearing this week:

    Tim Tebow: Sorry Tebow Nation. Tim fell from the heavens with a dreadful performance against the Lions.

    Peyton Manning: Hear that? That's the sound of Colts fans ordering custom No. 12 jerseys.

    Phillip River: He had a disastrous last second fumble against the Chiefs. 

    Donovan McNabb: I saw his jersey already on the discount rank at the Minneapolis airport.

    Chris Johnson: This is mainly from spiteful fantasy owners. 

10. Jared Allen

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    Allen gets on the list due to his consistency. He has at least one sack in the past seven games and has a league leading 12.5 on the season.

9. Arian Foster

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    Foster put up monster numbers for the third consecutive week.

    People who picked Peyton Hillis and Chris Johnson over Foster in fantasy football are probably banging their heads against the wall for the third straight week. 

8. Ndamukong Suh

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    If you follow @Ndamukong_Suh on Twitter, he seems like he is having the time of his life every week. And with his Lions team 6-2, he every has reason to celebrate. 

7. Ray Rice

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    An inconsistent Joe Flacco and a tepid performance by the Raven's D gives Rice No. 1 stunnah status on the Ravens.

6. Troy Polamalu

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    The franchise player for Steel town, Big Ben jersey's still aren't en vouge, but Troy helped make Head and Shoulders popular again. 

    And the man knows how to bring a running back down. 

5. Michael Vick

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    After a shaky start, Vick has the Eagles back on track. He's still the most popular player on the team. If he can somehow lead the Eagles to recapture the NFC East lead, look for his number to shoot up in the rankings. 

4. Calvin Johnson

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    Can anyone stop Megatron? 

    If the Transformers series can survive without Megan Fox, Calvin Johnson will continue to thrive with a day-to-day Matthew Stafford

3. Patrick Willis

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    Even though the 'Niners are 6-1, most of us are probably still too embarrassed to wear an Alex Smith jersey.

    Patrick Willis is cool, ruthless, and he works for Kenny Powers. That automatically makes him the coolest linebacker in the NFL. 

2. Cam Newton

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    In the age of Twitter and fantasy football, it's getting easier and easier to root for individual players over teams.

    Cam Newton exemplifies that.

    Over the course of eight weeks, he has proved most of his doubters wrong. His team's record may not show it, but his fantasy stats do.  

1. Aaron Rodgers

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    Even a bye week can't stop Rodgers. He's got an undefeated team, a great shot at a repeat Super Bowl appearance, and a hilarious insurance commercial.

    What more could you ask for?