Week 12 Of The NFL: Bears V.S. Rams Prediction

Nick BarillaContributor INovember 22, 2008

Though the St. Louis Rams(2-8) are one of the NFL's most disappointing teams this year, they have a legitimate shot at winning Sundays match up against the Chicago Bears(5-5). The Bears pass defense is ranked 30th in the league and the Rams have the talent to prove that. Though offense has been a weak part of the 2008 Rams, they have a chance to finally click this week. Stephen Jackson, the Pro Bowl running back for the Rams, is out once again for Sunday, and this will force the Rams to use the pass the ball more.  Torry Holt is in his    year in the NFL and he is known as one of the best receivers ever to play the game, and he knows how important it is to get a win in at the point they are at currently.  Though the Rams are 2-8, they can still play spoiler, and in the NFC North this is a must win game for "Da' Bears", with both the Packers and Vikings posting 5-5 records as well. The Bears would seem to win the offensive battle, with their  captain Kyle Orton returning.  Orton was sidelined with a potential career ending injury, but has persevered and is back to lead the bears deep into January. Rams 21, Bears 10.  -NB-