Carolina's Two-Headed Panther

Austin ArnoldContributor INovember 21, 2008

Just like the Giants' three-headed monster of Eli Manning, Plaxico Burress, and Brandon Jacobs, Carolina's doing it up with the two-headed monster DeAngelo Williams and rookie running back Jonathan Stewart.

The two have combined for a total of 1411 rushing yards. The two have been a havoc for run defenses—or any defense, for that matter—to stop. With starter DeAngelo Williams (lighting) and rookie Jonathan Stewart (thunder), they have been a one-two hit combination. With Delhomme throwing poorly, they have bailed Carolina out for four touchdowns, in previous games against Detroit and Oakland. In those two games alone Williams rushed for 260 yards and Jonathan Stewart rushed for 150 yards, for a combined total of 410 yards.

The main part of this one-two combination, DeAngelo Williams, has had a break-out year. Already having put up a career high of 883 yards on the ground; he is not only putting down yards, he has put up an other career-high seven touchdowns.

In Carolina's Week 10 game vs. Oakland, break-out DeAngelo Williams rushed for 140 yards. Against Detroit, Williams kept the Lions caged. Again Williams has five more touchdowns than the league average. Even though the loss at Atlanta, DeAngelo Williams has rushed for his fifth 100+ yard game. This week against an 26th ranked Green Bay rush defence, I'm sure his is ready to make it his sixth straight 100+ yard game.

The other part of the two-headed monster, Jonathan Stewart, has had a nice rookie year. He's one of only two rookies to be one the top 25 running backs in the league, not to mention he's a backup and he has a impressive 528 yards and six touchdowns on the grass. Last week he had a bad 28 yards rushing, but once more look to bounce back on the 26th ranked rush defence.