Penguins-Canucks: Game Preview

Matt HunterCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

I am writing this preview because I am unfortunately not going to be able to watch the game due to the fact that I will be at other hockey games, and then spending Saturday evening and night flying down to the South.

The Penguins pulled out a great game on Thursday night with a late powerplay goal by Petr Sykora off a Sidney Crosby shot on the powerplay to give the Penguins a 3-2 victory against the Atlanta Thrashers. 

The Penguins have now made it eight straight games with at least one point and are 7-0-1 in this streak.  Saturday night the Penguins will take the ice against the Vancouver Canucks at Mellon arena.

The Canucks are 12-6-2 and are in third place in the Western standings.  They are coming off a 3-2 victory over the Minnesota Wild in their last game as well.

Along with the Canucks team coming to town they are also bringing along an all-star goalie, or even the best goalie in the league, Roberto Luongo.

Luongo so far has posted a 11-5-2 record with a 2.18 GAA and a .928 SV percentage.  Luongo did not start the season out like he would have liked to but he is coming into his own as the season gets more into the swing of things.  It is known that when he steps onto the ice Saturday he is going to be ready to play and will definitely bring his A game to the ice.

Trying to beat Luongo more than once is going to be the Penguins biggest challenge.  Like most people have been saying about the Penguins, they need to shoot the puck more often, and lately they have been doing so. 

If the Penguins can manage to put a lot of pucks onto the net against Luongo good things will happen, and they will find themselves getting pucks pat him.

The next point that the Penguins are going to have to worry about are both Sedin's.  Henrik Sedin leads the team with 18 points (3G, 15A), and Daniel Sedin leads the team with eight goals (8G, 8A). 

These two can put the puck in the net when they want to, or they can setup a goal with the best of them.  If the Penguins defense does not play up to par then those two players will pick them apart.

One last key to tomorrows game is the fact that the Penguins need to play a perfect game Saturday, and when they are given the opportunity on the Powerplay they must pounce on those opportunities, because they probably will not get many and with the man between the pipes they are facing they are going to have a hard time just getting one behind him.

The Penguins have been playing some good Western Conference teams in the past few weeks, and with this they are getting the chance to see what the best competition that they could face in the finals if they were to make it to the Stanley Cup again this year.

Saturdays game should be a great one to watch, and should lead to a very close fought game. It should also be a very tight game with very few goals, so if somebody can get two goals that should be enough to pull out a victory.

Tomorrow's eight game point streak will be put on the line against one of the best teams in the West, and also against arguably the best goalie in the league with Roberto Luongo. 

A win tomorrow will give the Penguins even more confidence that they can beat top teams in both conferences, and also the thought that the Rangers are not that far away to catch.

I say the Penguins win a very close hard fought game 2-1, and take their streak to a nice week-long break before they face the New Jersey Devils.