Celebrating Saint Patrick in November

Francois GendronSenior Writer INovember 21, 2008


Tonight at the Bell Centre, the legendary No. 33, worn by Patrick Roy, will be raised to the ceiling of the arena.

The glorious debuts in the NHL in 1986, the two Stanley Cups won with the organization, and the dramatic events that ended his association with the Montreal Canadiens. The life and times of one of the very best goaltenders of all time will be remembered.

Patrick Roy's legacy as a member of the Montreal Canadiens can be described as him being the ultimate competitor. He hated the taste of a loss and wanted to win each and every game he took part of during his career. He is a leader in the room, a fierce competitor, and a dependable ally.

In honor of his contribution to the team, his fans, and the last two championships of the franchise, a banner with his name and number will be raised to the ceiling.
Patrick Roy will be celebrated tonight despite the chaotic ending of his association with the Canadiens on Saturday, Dec. 2, 1995 when his then-head coach, Mario Tremblay, left Roy in the net after he allowed a total of nine goals to the Detroit Red Wings.

Tonight's moment will be emotional and Patrick's elocution to the sellout crowd will come straight from the heart. The return of Patrick Roy into the great family that is the Montreal Canadiens will finally take place.

We will ecstatically celebrate "Saint Patrick" in Nov. this year, never again remembering Dec. 2, 1995.