Strange and Sexy Sports Hottie Pics

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIISeptember 13, 2011

Strange and Sexy Sports Hottie Pics

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    While the exotic poses that are scripted and perfectly planned always please and excite viewers, it's the odd and somewhat eccentric pictures that really create a sense of chaotic curiosity.

    Often photographed with a sense of pristine care and iconic idolization, these WAGs and women of sports are used to the mundane daily repertoire of posing for the common crowd.

    But there are those special occasions when a remarkable occurrence becomes available to beleaguered fans.

    These strange pictures can only excite and entertain, while striking fans with baffling confusion, as well as thorough happiness.

    Here are the weirdest sports hottie pics.


25. Alex Curran Claims She Does the Housework

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    The wife of Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard, English model Alex Curran shows fans who does the housework when her husband is on the road.

    Also a fashion columnist for the Daily Mirror, it is expected that Curran would dress with a sense of class while she is scrubbing down the garage.

    While Curran cleans her husband's golf clubs, it's safe to assume that she has several butlers to do the dirty work.

24. Kim Kardashian Likes Melons

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    This reality-show socialite sure knows how to garner attention.

    While she's known for her high-profile WAG status, her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her provocative video with Ray J, Kim Kardashian can eat a piece of fruit and cause eyebrows to raise.

    Every move is followed, every action noted.

23. Kate Upton Grabbing the Hen by the Horns

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    This model prefers to grab the chicken by its torso than the bull by its horns.

    Having tried athletics at the 2011 Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game in Arizona, and now striking poses with animals, it is clear Kate Upton is trying to become more well-rounded.

    Adventurous and diverse, the perfect combination.

22. Carly Zucker Is Raquel Welch

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    The deodorant can might be an indicator of this picture's authenticity.

    The wife of England footballer Joe Cole, Carly Zucker sure doesn't back down from a challenge.

    Successfully achieving the Raquel Welch pose from the 1966 film One Million Years B.C., Zucker knows how to make fans wish they could experience prehistoric times.

    Those privileged cavemen.

21. Slightly out of Rhythm

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    While the two outside cheerleaders are performing up to standards, the middle one seems to be day-dreaming about a provocative photo shoot.

    With her eyes closed and her hands far from even with her peers', it's clear she needs a lesson in teamwork.

    Every aspect of her cheer is bereft of synchronization, including her failed attire.

    Her coach won't be pleased.

20. Glove on Whole Wheat, Mayo on the Side

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    A few interesting thoughts arise while looking at this beautiful boxer.

    While socks are clearly not ideal considering they lead to a lack of traction and grip, as well as plenty of slippage, it's her lack of an actual sandwich that baffles viewers.

    Perhaps she got so entrenched in the shot that she began to eat her gloves. 

    Happens all the time.

19. Coleen Mcloughlin Has Breakfast at Tiffanys

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    If anyone could improve the sexiness of Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's pose, it's the lovely wife of England footballer Wayne Rooney.

    However, it doesn't seem to be the ideal look for her, as Coleen McLoughlin doesn't have time for petty tabloids and superfluous croissants.

    Time to let the hair down.

18. Ana Ivanovic

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    There's nothing quite like former World No. 1 Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic being surrounded by the miserly spheres that have fed her home during her career.

    Everything about this pose reeks of sexiness and class.

    Ivanovic is rarely proper, but always classy.

17. Abbey Clancy Needs More Lipstick

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    This British lingerie model has no qualms about posing with a solid can of deodorant.

    Abbey Clancy is surrounded by soccer. Her brother plays with Fleetwood Town in the Blue Square Premier league and her husband is striker Peter Crouch.

    Both can't be too pleased to know that every man in the world wants their lovely Abbey. 

16. Chess Is a Mental Game

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    Chess may not require pure athleticism, but it certainly calls for a witty competitor.

    She seems to have a grip on the game, as her soldier is standing with a sense of pride as the opponent lies on the sand in defeat.

    Truly iconic.

15. An Ironic Shoot

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    Perhaps it was the threat of sleeping with every New York Mets player if her husband ever cheated on her that drove fans to look at Anna Benson in a negative way, but this picture reeks of irony.

    While the props being used are gaudy and full of diamonds, her husband never had anything close to a prosperous career.

    Since being drafted with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 MLB Draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kris Benson went 70-75 with a 4.42 ERA.

    His wife garnered more attention.

14. Carly Zucker Continues to Excite

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    If anyone doubted Carly Zucker's ability to make any time period sexy, this should clear things up.

    It's clear that a saber-toothed tiger approached the beautiful idol with vicious intentions, but couldn't follow through with picking up dinner for his family.

    Her outfit distracted him.

13. Eva Longoria Is Irresistible

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    We will continue to state that Tony Parker needs therapeutic help for his infidelities. 

    Once known as arguably the sexiest WAG in the NBA, this Desperate Housewife knows how to keep fans engaged.

    San Antonio Spurs fans undoubtedly wish she still attended the AT&T Center.

12. Dessert Time

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    This pose wouldn't be so curious if there wasn't a steaming pie waiting on the counter.

    While Eva Longoria is preparing to excite the crowd and excite her fans, a tasty dessert is cooling off in the background.

    Her dinner guests are surely waiting anxiously in the dining room.

11. Malia Jones Shines Bright

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    Clearly meant to look like the Virgin Mary or a beleaguered goddess, surfer and model Malia Jones has a gift for fans.

    She seemingly glows in the dark and wears sexy outfits from Star Trek, making any conversation epic.

    A green screen will do.

10. Jennie Finch's Opponents Experience This Nightmare

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    With her pitches traveling at a speed equivalent to 98 mph, Jennie Finch knew her opponents would cringe at the sight of her delivery throughout her career.

    Known for her accomplishments with the United States National softball team, Finch continues to haunt the dreams of her one-time opponents.

    Slightly disturbing.

9. Kendra Wilkinson Enjoys Laundry

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    He may have only produced 77 receptions for 1,098 yards during his seven years in the NFL, but UFL wife receiver Hank Baskett was sure-handed in his love life, securing glamour model Kendra Wilkinson.

    She is clearly his biggest supporter, washing his dirty uniforms when necessary.

    What a trooper.

8. Lara Dutta Washing off

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    As a former Miss Universe, Lara Dutta can do pretty much anything and make it look sexy, but water often spices up any quality photo shoot. 

    Known for having dated Derek Jeter, this Indian actress is now married to tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi.

    She's got our attention.

7. Zahia Dehar Hanging in the Cat Cave

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    That was one happy cat.

    Known as French international footballer Franck Ribery's prostitute, Zahia Dehar performs a strip-tease in a cat cave video, seemingly showing fans a new side.

    This eerie performance might not be helping her image.

6. Kim Kardashian Paying Homage to Elizabeth Taylor

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    While it has become clear that Kim Kardashian has a slight obsession with the famous actress who starred in the 1963 film Cleopatra, it's almost disturbing to watch the young reality television star follow in the same footsteps.

    Kardashian can only dream of following a similar path.

5. Zlata Spells out Sexy

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    Flexibility has clearly never been this interesting.

    A Russian former gymnast and current contortionist, Zlata keeps viewers on the edge of their seats in preparation for the next aesthetically pleasing, albeit disturbingly uncomfortable pose.

    She has a gift, as do we.

4. Vida Guerra X 3

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    This Cuban glamour model must really approve of herself, or she just can't figure out which one is the real her.

    Either way, she is among the best at engaging fans, having done stellar work with FHM.

    It's hard to ignore this.

3. Shanna Moakler Keeps a Clean House

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    This picture seems to be more of a metaphor for Shanna Moakler's engagement to Oscar de la Hoya. 

    They were set to get married until, in 2000, this model and reality star saw her fiance escorting another woman to the Latin Grammy Awards.

    After a $62.5 million palimony suit against de la Hoya, claiming he was abusive to her and to their daughter, she was finally free from toilet-cleaning duties. 

    Although she sure knew how to make those chores more exciting.

2. Vida Guerra Eating Dessert Before Dinner

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    If we've learned anything from this shot, it's that the path to Vida Guerra's heart starts with ice cream. 

    For fans who wanted to see a similar pose but with chicken or beef as a prop, you'll be disappointed to discover that Guerra is a vegetarian.

    However, she's courageous, having appeared in the July 2006 issue of Playboy.

1. Kate Upton Likes Milk

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    If only this American model delivered milk in the early 1900s. 

    Previously known for her appearance in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Kate Upton is subtly altering her public image, possibly for the better.

    It's not surprising that she is an avid horseback rider, winning five total championships with her horse Roanie Pony.

    She makes it very clear with this pose that animals are her passion.