The 10 Best Physical Specimens in MMA Today

Chris TernateCorrespondent IISeptember 12, 2011

The 10 Best Physical Specimens in MMA Today

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    Participating in the most rigorous and physically demanding sport in the world, it is obvious as to why mixed martial artists' bodies would be in peak physical condition.

    As some of the most well-trained athletes to ever compete, fighters' bodies are often the prime example of a finely tuned machine.

    In some cases, the body may not be entirely reflective of a fighter's skill, like Fedor Emelianenko for example, or their physical appearance may give insight into just how dangerous they truly are, as is the case with Georges St-Pierre.

    Often times, though, when the thought of a mixed martial artist comes to mind, we often picture a flawless figure of perfect muscular proportion, carved from granite and built to destroy.

    However, not every fighter is ripped like Rambo or a muscle-bound colossus like the Incredible Hulk.

    Many fighters may look good, but these chosen few—who border on a statuesque appearance—look even rarer an anomaly in the athletic spectrum; damn near perfect physical specimens.

    Here are the 10 best physical specimens in MMA today.

Kyle Kingsbury

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    While Kyle Kingsbury may not be the most famous fighter on this list, he certainly looks the part.

    The 6'3" light heavyweight began his run in the UFC with an 0-2 mark after competing on Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter.

    Since then however, he has gone on a tear, winning four in a row and is now set to square off with Stephen Bonnar at UFC 139.

    The guy kind of looks like Randy Couture—only 10 years younger and 50 times more jacked.

Cheick Kongo

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    Coming off of what might have been the greatest comeback in UFC history, up next is Cheick Kongo, who knocked out Pat Barry in a dramatic comeback fashion at UFC Live: Kongo vs. Barry.

    After being rocked and practically knocked unconscious twice, Kongo rallied back and was able to knock out Barry, all in the first round.

    If anything you could attribute it to his mental toughness, but also his physique.

    Kongo looks like his traps are bigger than his head and if you want to look at intimidation from the waist up, look no further than Kongo.

Todd Duffee

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    At 6'3" and weighing in at around 252 pounds, Todd Duffee looks as though he was ripped straight from the pages of a comic book.

    After debuting in the UFC with the fastest knockout in the promotion's history at UFC 102 over Tim Hague, Duffee was then knocked out by Mike Russow at UFC 114 and later released from the promotion.

    He later fought Alistair Overeem for the DREAM Heavyweight Championship, but was defeated 19 seconds into the first round.

    He may not fight like an unstoppable chiseled force of nature, but at least he looks like one!

Cristiane Santos

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    Boasting a physique that would make most men look pathetic, Cristiane Santos is probably the most intimidating woman in all of MMA.

    "Cyborg" is even more ripped than her husband Evangelista Santos, looking from head to toe looks like a female terminator.

    She's widely regarded as the number one female fighter in the world and she sure does look the part. 

    She's gone undefeated since her sole loss in 2005 and rules the 145-pound division, as well as all of women's MMA.

Alistair Overeem

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    The reigning Strikeforce heavyweight champion is now set to make his UFC debut against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 in what could be one of the most popular fights of the year.

    Who better to face the behemoth that is Brock Lesnar than an equally large, and just as devastating, foe in the 6'5" Alistair Overeem.

    Since his permanent move to heavyweight back in 2007, Overeem ballooned to massive proportions that lead to accusations of steroid use, which he has denied.

    Even back at light heavyweight, though, "The Reem" was in excellent shape and now is the hulking beast that many believe will shift the UFC heavyweight landscape.

Herschel Walker

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    A former two-time NFL Pro Bowl selection and winner of the 1982 Heisman Trophy, Herschel Walker made the jump to Strikeforce's Heavyweight division back in 2010 and has since fought two fights in MMA.

    At 49 years old, the American Kickboxing Academy member is one of the oldest competitors in mixed martial arts, yet he looks like he's 25.

    Walker might be the ultimate specimen in MMA solely because of how long he's been able to perform at such a high level of athletics.

Sean Sherk

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    What would a list on physical specimens be without "The Muscle Shark," Sean Sherk?

    Now, while we all know about Sherk's testing positive for steroid use—which he vehemently denied back in 2007—he is, regardless, the second smallest fighter on this list to look like a physical specimen.

    If you shrank the Incredible Hulk down three feet, you would have Sean Sherk. He even lives up to his namesake of sorts.

Jon Jones

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    The youngest UFC champion and current UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones stands  6'4" and possesses the longest reach in the UFC at 84.5 inches.

    Armed with a massive frame and some freakish athleticism, Jones' physique may not be as imposing as some of the other fighters on this list, but for a mixed martial artist, you can't get better than "Bones."

    The long, lanky frame that has made Anderson Silva so deadly is overshadowed by a longer and taller Jones, which makes him even more of a threat at 205 pounds (and possibly even higher).

Urijah Faber

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    If Jon Jones is the longest and lankiest fighter on this list, Urijah Faber is the most compact; and at 5'6", fighting at 135 pounds, he is also the smallest fighter on the list.

    However, if that's the case, the former WEC featherweight champion is undoubtedly the smallest, most complete physical specimen in MMA today.

    The guy is so buff that even his chin is ripped. You know you're a physical specimen when you even achieve definition on your chin.

Georges St-Pierre

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    If you were to create the perfect fighter, he would look a lot like Georges St-Pierre.

    A perfect blend of speed and strength, GSP has the lower body necessary for everything from takedowns to head kicks, and the upper body to throw, smash and punch his way through all opponents.

    When it comes to mixed martial arts, nobody is built to fight like GSP.