NBA Trade Talk: 5 Most Likely Destinations for Andre Iguodala

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2011

NBA Trade Talk: 5 Most Likely Destinations for Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala has been the face of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise ever since the departure of superstar Allen Iverson, but Iguodala never quite developed into the franchise player Sixers fans all hoped he would become.

    Instead, he was merely a good player who was given tremendous pressure to carry his team.

    At 27 years of age, it is safe to say Iguodala has little to no development left. He is what he is at this point. And with many young players such as Jrue Holiday, Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner all itching for more touches to gain further experience, all signs point to Iguodala finally getting the boot and leaving Philadelphia via a trade.

    Here are five teams that will likely be most willing to trade for Andre Iguodala.

1. Denver Nuggets

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    The Denver Nuggets franchise has always thought very highly of Andre Iguodala, having valued his talents as a lockdown defender and his ability to drive hard to the basket.

    If Iguodala were shipped to Denver, the Nuggets could add a potent defender to their roster, as well as do away with many role players.

2. Golden State Warriors

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    This trade would make a lot of sense for both teams. The 76ers would be getting their hands on a potent scorer and someone who can consistently put up 20 to 30 points per night.

    The Sixers have not had a player of that caliber in many years, and Monta Ellis may be the man to fit the job.

    Furthermore, the Warriors would be getting an excellent defender in Iguodala, which they have been lacking due to Ellis' weak defensive abilities. And with reports indicating that Ellis may be unhappy with the Warriors, this would be a likely trade to occur.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

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    With a budding star in Blake Griffin, the Clippers would very much need a No. 2 man to play alongside him. Iguodala may be the man.

    Without the pressure of being the No. 1 man, Iguodala may be able to shine and use his superb passing abilities to his advantage, setting up Griffin for amazing plays.

    And the Sixers would gain valuable role players from the Clippers, or perhaps even Chris Kaman, who is often injury prone but when healthy, would fix a hole on the team at center.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

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    The Los Angeles Lakers have many key veterans who are likely going to be traded, such as Lamar Odom and Ron Artest. However, if the Lakers do indeed trade one or both of those players, they would be at a loss of a valuable defender.

    That is where Iguodala would step in. 

    Similar to both players, Iguodala is not only a solid defender, but can also contribute with a jump shot and has some offensive potential. And playing alongside Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, the Lakers could continue to contend.

    The Sixers, in turn, may be able to receive compensation in the form of either Artest to fill the void left on defense or Odom to fill not only the defensive void but also potentially fix a hole at the center position.

5. Portland Trailblazers

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    On the Trailblazers, Iguodala could play with LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy. He would help the team to advance in seeding in the Western Conference and further contend for a championship.

    In return, the Sixers could receive many expiring contracts the Trailblazers have and also inherit many role players. This trade would be equally beneficial to both teams.