New York Mets Taking Their Time Finding a Closer

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst INovember 21, 2008

Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports that the Mets are not in a hast to make an offer to a closer. Their prime candidates are still  Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes. They both want four guaranteed years at least and the Mets are only willing to go three.

According to Sherman, the Mets are waiting to see if the market opens for J.J. Putz. The closer intrigues them because he is only making $13.8 Million over the next two years and they believe he has good stuff.

Also the Mets remain interested in Huston Street, who the Rockies most recently acquired. The Mets believe he has good stuff, but like him only as a seventh or eighth inning guy.

The Mets investigated other trade possibilities and do not like the prices on Bobby Jenks or Jose Valverde.

The Mets, according to Sherman, might have to give three years and a option for Fuentes or K-Rod. Or they might have to settle on giving four guaranteed years to one of them because they have to fill that need...