Kansas City Brigade's James Robinson Never Stops Dreaming

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Kansas City Brigade's James Robinson Never Stops Dreaming

Former Butler College alumni wide receiver James Robinson’s road to the Arena Football League has been a journey. 

James, who played for the South Georgia Wildcats of the ArenaFootball2 last season, had a record breaking year career-wise and was one of the team’s top receivers.

Robinson previously played for the Miami Morays of the National Indoor Football League “NIFL”, where he was a stand-out at his position. 

Robinson, who also ran track and field at Butler College, may be the fastest player in the AFL this season, running a 4.19 for the 40 yard dash.

After being sought after by CFL and NFL teams, James opted to honor his contract with the Kansas City Brigade for the 2008 season, although he was offered a contract to go to mini camp with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

When I asked Robinson why he chose to play with the AFL over taking a chance with the NFL, he said that he is very patient and was simply allowing his career and skill set to evolve. 

I recently caught up with James, who is in Kansas City with the Brigade for camp, and this is what he had to say: 

Which do you prefer turf or grass?
Grass, but turf will take me there back to the grass.

Have you ever flipped over the wall to make a catch? 

Yes and it was ruled a TD for the game winner against Bossier City Battle Wings.

Who was the toughest defensive back you played against last season? 

Will Heyward, a defensive back from Corpus Christi Sharks. He ran with me stride for stride.

Yoga or Pilate? 


Who is that one no-nonsense coach that you will always remember? 

Coach Brat, Butler Community College

Most memorable moment last season? 

First TD in AF2 while playing for the South Georgia Wildcats against Louisville Fire, where I had a game high 8 catches for 197 yards and 5 TDS

What is the source of your inspiration? 

My daughter, Jordyn Robinson

Hometown: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale)  Places you have visited since you have been to Kansas City? 

Peachtree Soul Food Restaurant, Kansas City and the Kansas City Brigade Arena. Dinner and practice.

Who is in your Entourage? 

Chavis McCollister (Kansas City Brigade), D’ Bryant (South Georgia Wildcats and Duke University), Adrian Beason, best friend.


Favorite TV Show?
ESPN programs all day

iPod or Zoom?

What genre of music do you prefer?
R&B and Hip Hop

Favorite track: 

"Let’s Go" By Trick Daddy – pre-game music

What song would tell your life story? 

"Through The Wire" by Kanye West

What would be the title of a book about you? 

Never Stop Dreaming – A Story About Patience and Determination

Which city do you prefer South Beach, Florida or Toronto Canada? 

Toronto, Canada because of the diverse culture and the vibe you get from the people


Who is your toughest critic?
My Agent. She expects the most out of all her clients and holds us to high standard. And yes my agent is a female.


Which player are you looking forward to play against this season?
Daryun Brutley, Defensive Back – Tampa Bay Storm

Daily words to live by? 

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Do you have a nickname? 


Favorite Quote? 

The tougher your opponent, the harder you should train, the harder you train the tougher you opponent will be…live hard and die training. 



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