Patrick Cobbs Adds Another Dimension To Miami Dolphins' Offense

Aaron BrenkerCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

The Miami Dolphins sport an excellent running game, with two excellent running backs. Ronnie Brown brings excellent play-making and can eat up yardage every game.  Ricky Williams brings a veteran presence and has an incredible burst of speed, making him a nightmare to defend.  

But there is one running back who many don't know about; the third running back on the Dolphins' depth chart: Patrick Cobbs.

Cobbs has been a depth player most of his career with the Dolphins, but is now finally being used in the regular offense.

Cobbs brings so many intangibles to the field.  First off, he is an excellent player on special teams, something the Dolphins desperately need.  Now, he is truly developing into an offensive threat.

The Dolphins caught a glimpse of how good Cobbs can be in a game earlier in the year against the Houston Texans.  Cobbs passed by Houston's secondary and was the benefit of an excellent trick play by Miami, as he caught a 53-yard touchdown pass.  

Later on in the game, Cobbs had a tougher road to the end-zone, as he turned a safe screen pass into an 80-yard touchdown dash.  Cobbs had three receptions for 138 yards in that game.

Cobbs has also shown he can be a factor in the running game, as he scored a huge 12-yard touchdown to help the Dolphins squeak past the Oakland Raiders.

The three-year veteran has also been recently used as another back in the Wildcat offense. Cobbs, at times, was found in the backfield along with Williams and Brown. The talent of Cobbs will take some pressure off of Miami's other playmakers, such as Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown, and Ted Ginn, Jr.

The Dolphins' continued success will depend on how much pressure Cobbs can take off Miami's more featured running backs.  The more involved Cobbs becomes in the offense, the longer Miami will keep possession of the ball.

I see the Shawnee, Oklahoma native having a huge impact in Sunday's game between the Dolphins and the Patriots.